sweets to the sweet

Rebecca and Zack had their Valentine's party last night and all the cuties got decked out and ate tons of homemade goodies.

We even got to see our San Francisco friends this time!

Like the lovely CarolAnn who is moving soon to a farm. (oh by the way Darin shaved his beard into this crazy moustache. Just to spice up V-day a little even though I gave him hell for it!)
We got to hang out with Ryann's sweet friend Carla from Argentina. And brush up on the old Spanish.
These two went stag. (Is that word for real?)

Rachel and Lesley sharing the love by the treat table, which we later strewed with lace doilies and pink and purple bras and panties and scarves!
Group photo madness! The new tradition. It was especially rambunctious this time, but I really love tiny Sylvan's expression up front.
We played a game.
I forget what it was called, but it involved three different stages of trying to get your team to guess random words or phrases. I have to say, it was pretty hilarious and when I say that I am specifically referring to myself trying to act out the word "hella." It was real real bad.
Also, we had unrecognizable spanish words like barioleta or something like that thrown in for good measure.
sara, darin, doniella
Couple shots.
nick and rachel:
god they're adorable.
stan and lesley.
yep, them too.
darin and i can never quite pull off a good couple shot. i am pro at fake smiling for cameras, but darin...not so much. he did, however, wear my late uncle chuck's cupid vest from the 70s. and I wore my mom's strawberry dress, also, obviously, from the good old era of the 1970s.
me and the city girls. HOW I MISS THEM WHEN THEY'RE NOT AROUND!
they make my country heart swell.
we love parties!
we love love!

i don't count today (the actual 14th) as valentine's this year.
i had to work all day, then came home and now darin's at work till 1 a.m.
so i'm curling up watching Band of Outsiders all by myself and dying over the dancing scene and Anna Karina's cute hair. Oh and eating all the leftover chocolates.

good night sweet lovers wherever you are!


Kaylie said…
Looks like a sweet Valentine's day!I love your outfits!
boots said…
omg! you all are the cutest couples- i love all the red and pink! so cute! and darins a lucky man to have you for a valentine, but your lucky too, such a sweet meaningful gift!
Kelsie Lynn said…
cool photos! cool party!
Andrea said…
what a great idea to have a Valentine's day party with all the friends :) i love the outfits & the mustache!!! Really I'm not sure you can do a good 70s outfit without it :) I love the strawberry dress btw, what great hand-me-downs!
Kelsie Lynn said…
I also meant to say- I love that dress. big time.

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