mi hermano the birthday prince

my brother is a pisces, a rapscallion, and a bandit of love and magic.
or as darin would say, the free-wheelin mikie beatty!
i miss you dreadfully today on your birthday, thinking about your roguish charm.
hope that land of the "angels" appreciates your brilliance, cause it outshines every other star in sight.

can't wait till you're back in the midst of our madness:

and how old ARE you????
ha ha, i'll never tell. cause i like how mysterious you are like that.
you're a dreamboat mikie, a lover and a dreamer.
i love you kid.


boots said…
hes hot stuff! lol, happy birthday to my pisces buddie!
Amy Beatty said…
Awe, what a sweet post. He is so fun and free. Wish we got to see him more. Happy Birthday MIKIE!!! love you xoox so full of talent, life and love.
Mikie said…
thank you mucho much heather, this post was amazing. you totally called me a rogue. That's AWESOME

make sure you have Sunday night the 7th off, so we can have a celebratiano!!
Milla said…
Happy Birthday Little Brother Of Heather!
AdieSpringB said…
Mikie. Sunday the 7th celebration at our new digs!!!!!!!!!!!

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