Lessons Learned

Tip of the Day
 to Myself, From Myself:

Don't drink too much wine with the girls during your Etsy photo shoot.

1. you'll never get the lighting right (or even really try)
2. there will be electrical outlets peeking out from between the girls' legs
3. your own hand will be in the pictures.
oh, not to mention cords, books, and all sorts of random props you thought were a great idea, and...
4. you will encourage the girls to drink lots of wine and to pose for pictures with said wine because you think it looks really cool.
5. you will think poses like mild strangulation are very funny and awesome. (which they sort of are, really.)

But guess what else?
In the meantime, it will be WAYYYY FUN and you'll also realize that your friends are the most gorgeous creatures (as well as ridiculously fun and funny) to ever strike a pose on this earth.

soooo...my point is...there are some fun and pretty new vintage items coming to my shop BUT i must warn, the photos are probably blurry and terribly lit. My apologies. All I can say is, at least we were having a blast.

Kombucha, here I come.


Amy Beatty said…
I think those are your best photos yet!!!!
boots said…
bwahahahaha..... you're awesome, whatever at least you had a blast right? YAY photoshoots. ps. i hope you have the best valentines day x 10.
Andrea said…
ha ha! too funny :) Although I should not be laughing because this is how I perform sans alcoholic beverages most of the time! And, yay for beautiful friends!

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