we're going "on tour"

kind of. dark river is playing one faraway show.

here's the plan: take a trip up the pacific coastline and meet our friends to play a show at a loggers' tavern in blue lake, california.

so i'll be gone for a few days. but i'll be romping through the green mistylands of the redwood forests and the most romantic and beautiful highway in the whole wide world.

faretheewell friends!


Kelsie Lynn said…
Whoa awesome. Wish I could roadtrip right now.

Also: it really is too bad we don't live in the same state. we could do wonderful poetry readings for the world.

also also: The vid with the kids- yes, I think i did also get teary. why? why the hell? they're cute or something..
boots said…
oh my! have fun on your adventure sweety! ride that highway but stay safe :) <3 <3 <3
Andrea said…
awww sounds magical! wish I could tag along or atleast make it to a show :)
Amy Beatty said…
So glad to hear, hopefully it will just be the start of many many many more. Can't wait to hear all about it!!!! Exciting.

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