foxfire and jenny lewis

have you seen this:
because i watched it last night and i have to admit: i actually sort of loved it. (and so did darin, crazy huh?)at least as much as you can love a totally melodramatic 1990s teen chick flick based on a book that is much much better (i'm assuming, cause it's by joyce carol oates). but it had heart, and the sprawling portland setting and bridges and creepy abandoned house by the river sealed the deal for me. oh, yeah, and the girls sitting in the dark by candlelight bonding cermoniously, sound familiar?  

but what i really loved most of all was jenny lewis as the sheepish and shy redhead rita who takes revenge on her pervert teacher.

i sympathized because of her inability to dissect a frog:
that's her on the bottom left. niceness personified. she speaks in exclamation points and is a big dork. so......yeah.
it wasn't until the end of the movie that i figured out that this jenny lewis who plays rita is indeed THE jenny lewis, and that made me like THE jenny lewis about a hundred percent more. see how redhot cute she is?

i mean, not that you didn't KNOW she was cute ALREADY... i did too and even saw her play with rilo kiley some years ago and have and enjoy some of her music but for some reason i was just "not buying into her shit" a hundred percent before. (yeah.....i have a cynical friend who used to say, "i just can't buy into his shit" and i sort of picked it up and use it from time to time but very sparingly because i am nice and a dork way too much to go around saying that)

but anyway, post-foxfire, i see this:

Jenny Lewis "See Fernando" from Team G on Vimeo.

and lollipops explode inside me because it looks so damn CUTE and FUN. my two favorite things.

this too:

her show last independence day with conor oberst and the mystic valley band which you can read all about here. and which looks like the funnest show on earth - she parades around in an american flag cape and sings with a giant smile plastered across her face! rad.

so that's my tribute to jenny lewis, my newfound love.

 two other cuties of foxfire:
jenny shimizu as goldie, the druggie (darin's fave) and sarah rosenberg as violet, the sexy one (my fave).

incidentally, jenny shimuzu i remembered as this calvin klein model
pretty hot huh?
and angelina jolie says she wanted to marry her, for reals.

okay well i guess that's enough 90s trivia for the night. peace out and good night, lovelies.


Kelsie Lynn said…
freakin awesome post. I love Jenny lewis like nobodys bizniss.

"see Fernando"..funny. that looked so good.
haven't seen Foxfire. want to now.
Missa said…
Thanks for the reminder to add it to netflix, I've been meaning to re-visit this one!

My friend Joey went to a highschool prom with Jenny Shimizu, I know, awesome claim-to-fame, eh? Haha.
Milla said…
You are a girl after my own heart (like I didn't know that already), I use to love this movie and am sure if I was to re-visit it would still.

Andrea said…
I've never seen that movie, but have quickly added it to my list of must sees :) And oh, how I love Jenny Lewis too! Do you remember her from the Golden Girls? I must shamefully admit, that I still watch a re-run here and there and she was in an episode.
Kaylie said…
I love that music video! So much fun. :)

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