Season of the Witch Part IV: Dance Fever!!

Finally, here is the last installment about out witchy gathering...I mean, it was great fun and all but I'm ready to start planning the next one!

But, seriously, this really might have been the best part!
When we got to the part in Practical Magic that they dance around the kitchen having midnight margaritas, and Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman come running down the stairs in their slips, and "Coconut" by Harry Nillson is playing, we paused the movie and went shrieking off like banshees to make margaritas:
raided my room for all the cutest slips:
and proceeded to have a DANCE PARTY!
oh, and it just so happened that the moment this happened, the clock ACTUALLY struck midnight!
the witching hour! coincidence? we think not
our full moon was obscured, but we danced right on out into the ice cold rainy night!
and then just went wild for a couple hours:

Here's a little video I made about the night to our favorite Stevie Nicks song. It's sort of long, but I knew my friends that were there would enjoy the memories!

Thanks for reading as I've rhapsodized SO LONG about our ridiculously fun night.
I wish ALL the lovely ladies I've met through blogs could have been here too!


Milla said…
Oh my Goddess I love these posts! What zany witchy fun! Also you have to come visit me sometime, because the movie was actually filmed near here. In fact the other county park that my husband doesn't work in is the site of the house. They built like a huge set in this park and rented the whole thing for months. Crazy, right?
Amy Beatty said…
You look AMAZING in a black slip!!! Dancing in the rain looks so fun!
boots said…
thats seriously was the best part of the whole night, what a lovely video you made too! your the sweetest, i really need to be closer to you so i can join in on your fun!

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