en la cueva escondida

the other night i was exhausted after work, snacking on fudge and looking at blogs when my friends called me to go explore a cave at 8 pm. i was like, um, yeah right. that sounds way too cold, uncomfortable, and scary to make me get up off my lazy ass. then i was like, wait. wait just a minute. who am i to be such a loser? i love adventures, right? let's keep that in mind self. pulled on jeans under the nightie and went out into the cold, uncomfortable scary night air with the best group of lively explorers a girl could want!

jorden is a science teacher. so....we're safe right?
i still can't believe i went down in there!
by the way, what i fondly call a "cave" is actually an abandoned mine.
does that make it more or less scary?

once you creep through that freaky opening and down into the earth a bit, it opens up enough to stand.
i was breathing easier...except for the scary log that seems to be holding the whole thing up? oh, and werid broken down cart tracks and piles of bat dung and the close dampness of that hidden lair.
and... mysterious meandering side caverns where mountain lions could hide out.
or worse yet, drugged up psychos who sleep on this:

okay, i had to stop my brain from horror-obsessing and let the spirit of exploration take over.
here's becky being brave in the darkness.
and joey and daniel with head lamps.
later we turned them off and had a moment of pure blackness and silence. not something i'm accustomed to, ever. it was crrraaazzzy.

we came out a different way than where we went in. if this had been our entrance, NO THANKS.
here's em coming through the birth canal into the fresh-aired night.

we wandered around the land for a while. my brother and his friends have explored there many times before and they call it "middle earth."

and then we found this sign, whoops:

and other cool/creepy stuff:

 but best of all were the brilliantly shining stars in the sky and us all trying to remember the names of constellations and talking about astonomy and our dream houses and other such fun topics.

sunny february days = the mood for pure adventure.
here's hoping for many more!


Missa said…
That sounds super creepy and yet super fun. Good for you on choosing adventure, though I'll admit I'd have a hard time tearing myself away from the fudge!

We once went canoeing through an actual cave with a guide on a trip to Belize. It was really cool, at times the ceiling was so low we had to duck down in the canoe to get through and when you looked up there were all these hollowed out crannies full of tiny fruit bats all huddled together.
boots said…
again! you have the coolest of friends to bring you on adventures like that! all this snow has kept me indoors for a while - so i am super jealous. love ya!
Amy Beatty said…
Awesome, is that in Placerville? I went to a cave once when I was way little and I'm always trying to remember it. I think a mine is more scary than a cave. Glad you you went. Looks like it was tons of fun, with a great pack of friends!
Milla said…
Wow, I'm impressed with your ability to say yes. I would have crawled into bed. Dangerous and scary as it was, this adventure seems way awesome. I can't wait to see what you and the gang come up with next.
Andrea said…
this would make a great film title! I'm quite proud of your bravery, not sure I would have been able to give up fudge & blog reading myself. and that sign would have freaked me out! however, i notice that this journey was also accompanied by spirits? That always helps encourage me :)
Kelsie Lynn said…
creepy cave wondering looks waay fun.
ive discovered that awesome adventurous things often happen really late at night. its just the nature of the beast.

and I decided that I would comment on anything you had written regardless of what it was about- just to see what the captcha thing is.
not that great of a one..they can be so hilarious though.

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