Home Brewed Dreams

If you are at all interested in the art of home-brewing I highly recommend that you check out my sister's incredible blog about making beer.  I can't believe the intricate knowledge she's had to gain to proceed on this journey, which seems to be her destiny!

Which is why someday we want to renovate an old barn:
and turn it into a family-run rustic old roadhouse/vegetarian restaurant and brewery!

fix up the old barroom:

We'll have a fireplace, rosy lighting and antique fringed lamps, handmade wooden barstools and booths, nooks and crannies, candles, vintage beer mugs, a dusty old stage with velvet curtains for musical acts and vaudeville and talent shows...

Darin wants to run a cozy pickining area with campground/cabins for people to spend the night so they don't have to drive intoxicated.

and beautiful country walking paths everywhere:
It will be a completely extraordinary experience to visit our Roadhouse, which I kind of want to call the Mermaid Tavern after John Keats' poem:

Souls of Poets dead and gone,
What Elysium have ye known,
Happy field or mossy cavern,
Choicer than the Mermaid Tavern?

How fun would that business be to run!?

Here is the first tasting of Addie's yummy home brew back at Christmastime:
Can't wait to see how this new batch of brew turns out!
Let's hope we're on the way to our dreams coming true...

barn image found here
old bar interior image found here
barroom crowd photo found here
cozy campground photo found here


Kaylie said…
I love daydreaming about renovating old buildings! Everytime I see an abandoned building with peeling paint, I half-wish it will remain abandoned until I am older and have the money to take it in to turn into a crowded craft shop full of ribbon and vintage buttons! I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed Taking Woodstock and Whip it. You should definately check out Demetri's stand up. He is very quirky and entertaining to watch.

Also, your last few posts have been full of such fun! Thanks for sharing your adventures!
Andrea said…
oh I would totally be at that roadhouse, you got me at walking trails! all the best things rolled into one :)

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