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The Force That Through the Green Fuse Drives The Flower / Drives my green age

inspired by sasha, i headed up into the mountains and forests by myself for a little adventure yesterday. i wore this dress gifted to me from emily. you remember this little sears jr. bazaar get-up? well, this lovely little purple patchwork dress emily found at eco-thrift is same brand, same era, same line.  and she gave it to me. i'm in LOVE. it's also emily's crocheted vest; i'm lucky to have lady friends with good taste who like to share!  i can't handle real "shoes" in the summertime, but the mountain air was fresh enough that i could lose the flip flops for once. it was a lovely, sparkling, sunny, hidden day deep in the mountains. i followed a tiny dirt fireroad that winds down into a canyon. i was on the search for wildflowers but i think a lot of it was too shady. i did find fireweed, wild sweetpea, giant dandelions, ferns, and some bright fire engine red blossom. it was a perfect break from the hustle and bustle of my life lately. i have lots …

gypsy dreamland night

remember our big witchy-full-moon-girls-gathering back in january? well we've been trying to plan a follow-up full moon themed girls night for months now and it finally happened.
rachel planned it so that we could have it at her rad airstream trailer in the woods (which i've written about before here): perfect setting for a full moon gypsy caravan forest spread. are you ready ladies......okay, check out this magic she created..... seriously, i died and went to heaven.
every detail was perfect: candles, colored strings of lights, rickety chairs, velvet couch heaped with instruments, scarves and tapestries hanging from the branches, a record player in a wheelbarrow draped in pink gauzy fabric, flowers and herbs and bells and baskets. pure gypsy summer outdoor loveliness.
beautiful busy rachel, she's got the magic touch.

brittney looks like a real romany, we decided.
em, bedecked and bejeweled.
happy me in my dreamworld.
inside the trailer was a little dressin…

Tuesdays in my Town - Jack Russell Brewery

this wonderful brewery just up the hill in camino has recently reopened, and what a treat it is!
we took advantage of their lovely picnicking grounds the other day. ahhhh summer afternoons at a brewery; what could be better?! they have horseshoes and a beanbag toss game.
it's family friendly!  here is sweet juniper with her pops. and dashing mama jocelyn.
dog friendly too.  this guy was having a liiiitttllle too much fun with les!

i love the whitewater pale ale, delish.