Tuesdays in my Town - Jack Russell Brewery

this wonderful brewery just up the hill in camino has recently reopened, and what a treat it is!

we took advantage of their lovely picnicking grounds the other day.
ahhhh summer afternoons at a brewery; what could be better?!
they have horseshoes and a beanbag toss game.

it's family friendly!
 here is sweet juniper with her pops.
and dashing mama jocelyn.

dog friendly too.
 this guy was having a liiiitttllle too much fun with les!

i love the whitewater pale ale, delish.



AmyK said…
Looks like a fun place! I fully believe every place should have picnic grounds.
boots said…
cheers indeed! what a great day! i love the local brewery in Hartford, funny thing is its called Hooker Brewery and they have all these funny tshirts that have sayings like "long day..... better grab a hooker" cracks me up!
Missa said…
Lucas and I keep going on about how Santa Rosa is in dire need of a good family friendly brewery, especially one with an outdoor area. This place looks awesome!
bellisimama said…
i love your blog! i just discovered it through missa's blog roll. looking forward to reading more in the future.

Teenysparkles said…
Mmmmmm this post made me feel like I want a beer. Now. Except summer is missing. :(
Aya Smith said…
Awwe, the baby is adorablee! So funny the way he is holding her, loL!

That dog is a little scary, lol :)

Aya of Strawberry Koi
AdieSpringB said…
Very nice photojournalism painting of Jack Russel Bun! I'm mixed emotions right now about being on Day 6 of Week No Alc. But I can't wait for Sunday afternoon! I sure hope Jack Russell is my future place of employment!

PS. Stoked on no-more-soccer-mom-hair!

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