altitudes and ascension

from the ocean (zero ft.):
to the mountaintop (10,300 ft.)
in two days.

after our ocean wanderings,
we climbed to the summit of round top mountain up by kit carson pass on the 4th of july with my brothers and it was wonderfully exhilerating. i have about a zillion more pics of the whole backpacking trip but for now i'm off to work.

sorry, no "tuesdays in my town" this week...i'm busy busy busy! but i'll be back with lots more updates of adventures and some new lovely vintage items.

strange side note: the coolest thing happened at work yesterday (waitressing). it was a busy post-holiday weekend and during the flurry i served a fellow who held up his iphone and said "is this you?" he had googled "placerville river spots" and came up with my blog! he thought my face looked oddly familiar until he realized it was the girl serving his breakfast...and then i told him exactly how to get to buck's bar. i felt like a placerville tour guide - yeah! now if only i could get paid to take people to river spots instead of slinging steak and eggs...that'd be the day!


Runic Rhyme said…
You're absolutely adorable! :] Thanks for the light.
Chelsea said…
oh my god! iphones and moonshine junkyard are taking over the world! it makes me so so happy!
anne said…
that's so rad! what a trip :D
Missa said…
That's hilarious about the guy finding your blog!
Cel said…
Haha, that's so cool! Small world or what, eh?

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