Gypsy Fairy House in the Woods

we have this little green shed in our backyard.
you might have seen it in the background of photos like these.
or even in the snow last winter out in the cozy corner of our yard:
i never quite know what to do with it. i love it's rustic simplicity and have dreamed of making it into a cozy nook.
meanwhile it has stayed cobwebby and filthy and unused.

until yesterday!
bella and orion are still in town and they helped me fix up the little shed.
for bella it is going to be a cinderella playhouse in the woods.
for me, i am calling it my gypsy fairy house in the woods.
we used it for a photo shoot last night.
emily and jackie pretended it was a tiny old-fashioned western brothel wherein they entertained special guests as lovely ladies of the night.
(by the way i am posting a whole bunch of new stuff in my shop if you chance to be interested, take a look)

and today i finally took some outfit photos using my little gypsy barrack as a backdrop.
this little vintage dress i thrifted when we were up in fort bragg.
i love the pattern. i was almost going to sell it but couldn't bear to, especially after my pops saw me in it and said, "where'd you get that?! i like it." he never really notices clothes so i felt good about it.
i like pretending i happened upon this enchanted little cottage deep in the mysterious woods.
oopsy, jumping up on the bunk i hit my head! what a dork.
best thing about this cute Sears Jr Bazaar dress, it comes with matching headscarf! and seems like none of it has ever been worn before.
i think i'll stay awhile.
bella's wall. she chose all the paint colors by the way, and was full of bubbly ideas for how we will use the little house.

now i'm off to the lake with the fam!
hope you all are having a deliciously summery weekend.


AmyK said…
That makes me want my very own gypsy fairy house in the woods! Maybe when my hubby builds his garage I'll make him build me a little fairy house beside it :)
Kelsie Lynn said…
whoaa. so cool! i am so in love with it. both the dress and the little house in woods. magical
Kelsie Lynn said…
reminds me of that song 'Strange little neck of the woods' by the Fruit Bats. love
Teenysparkles said…
I adore your little gypsy fairy house! It looks like a lovely, drapey, peaceful place.
anne said…
i love the gypsy fairy house! what fun. and your dress is equally as fantastic!
Missa said…
Yay for gypsy fairy houses!!! What a neat little space, I want one too!

Your pops has good taste in dresses, it's so darn cute and perfect on you, I love it!

Ha! That one shot totally reminded me of the other day when I slammed my head while standing up under a beam in our chicken coop, ouch. Hmm, maybe I could decorate it like a gypsy fairy chicken coop, haha ;)
Courtney said…
You find the prettiest dresses! I love your little house, and your little helper painters.

Also, I saw this post on the ReadyMade blog and thought of you:
(It's about a guy who started his own adventure company)
Violet Folklore said…
Sooo magical! Make a reading nook!

And the dress is the sweetest *and* quite coincidental because I just listed a vibrant-70s-print-matching-head-scarf dress too!
love love love!!! i love it and want it and want to live in it too ;)

p.s. i don't know jackie or emily but that photo is the best!
Marya said…
LOVE your red dress! Definitely worth keeping - it's perfect!
Andrea said…
how cool! I love what you did with the little shack :)
yep. that dress, too, is a keeper.

(i am so behind in my moonshine junkyard)

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