Teeny Treasures

besides this pretty little collage tin from Phersu Dancing...
and these absolutely adorable stickers and sweetest notecard from Little Ladies...
Miss Tina herself also made me these beautiful vintage quilted fabric coasters with cute ticking (my fave) on the back:
and this lovely tote bag in summery fabric of my favorite colors!
what a talented and crafty woman you are teeny!
thank you soooooo much for these lovely treats and it was so nice to get your note and feel like i know you in "real life" now. sharing goodies with friends is one of life's sweet joys and you made me feel so special!


Andrea said…
Beautiful! Teeny is very crafty! I love her designs & use of vintage pieces!
Teenysparkles said…
I'm glad you have received the package! It's always nicer to have someone in mind when I make something; and those specially made things are always my favourites.
Missa said…
SO much cute stuff, you lucky girl! That Teeny is such a sweetheart and crafty as all get out to boot :)

Hi Teeny! ;)

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