Tuesdays in my Town - Sly Park Lake and the Country Store

Yep, my town has finally officially gotten HOT AS HELL so by necessity swimming is pretty much a daily occurrence.

Luckily, beautiful Sly Park Lake (aka Jenkinson Lake) is basically in my sister's backyard.
I've been twice in the last week. It's not a place I normally think about going; I've had the impression that the camping gets rowdy and crowded and unappealing, and the city slickers (no offense to anyone) really take away from the lake's charm during the summer.
But right now I have a renewed appreciation.
Addie has a season pass which is helpful because the day use fee is $10. A bit steep but worth it if you want to bbq, swim, suntan, kayak, canoe, take a paddle boat around the lake, or any such activity. Plus the lake is super high this year and extra sparkly turquoise blue so who could possibly resist?!
we drove down this beautiful little curvy lakeside road to pine cone beach.
brought along a cooler with refreshing drinks and snacks.
the beach was basically secluded and peaceful on a wednesday.
the water's got to be at least 10 degrees warmer than that crazy old rushing river.
added bonus: a family of geese hung out right next to us for about an hour.
this is the life!
then over the weekend the whole family came.
here's marmy swimming for the first time in ages.
hanging out with the nephews and niece and amy's family is always entertaining.
both grandmas swimming together with lovely summergirl amy and the kids.
addie and i stopped at the sly park resort country store for a beer afterwards.
this place is adorable and cozy and there was live music in the back outdoor seating area.
stacked up firewood all ready for campers.

country decor aplenty.
even dogs running around. i love homey places with animals. sells me immediately.
especially when there's a pretty garden out back too!

well...my brother's little family has gone home to utah so life is quieter around here these days and i miss them dreadfully!
but meanwhile, thoughts and plans are brewing, and lots of summer day romps and frolics.
and i'd like to say thanks, dear friends, for tuning in to this week's Tuesdays in my Town.


Andrea said…
I love all the swimming you guys get to do!!! Crazy how you were walking through snow not too long ago on that mountain :)
Teenysparkles said…
Me too! I love it when there are animals larking around. They're always so friendly and it makes a place more homey I feel. Believe me I cannot wait for warm weather again.
Runic Rhyme said…
Ah! This was great to read right now. It's 5pm in hot & humid Kentucky and I just came inside from running around in the backyard with my dog. Needless to say, I'm steamy. I like your town. It reminds me of home, which is small town backwoods Kentucky ;] Where our favorite getaways were spots like these: http://www.flickr.com/photos/runicrhyme/4772675065/

Again, thanks for sharing. I am always looking forward to your posts :]
Missa said…
I heard it's supposed to be SUPER hot this weekend, so do enjoy whatever body of gorgeous water you end up at, this one looks just lovely :) Now I want to lounge by the lake with a beer too!

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