soemthing i've always wanted to do...

is be a farm wife and carry kittens around in my apron pockets.

well....i've got the kitten-pocket part down.

now this crazy household just needs to find a nice farm to live in.

okay guys, i promise i'll chill on the kitten pictures after this. he is JUST SO ADORABLE.
his personality is perfect. he is a charming gentleman.

by the way his official name is William Blake Oddyseus Bonny.
aka Billy the kid, Willy, Billy Boots, Billy Bonny, Prince Willy, etc. etc. etc. to infinity.
thanks so much for all the input, you guys rock and those name lists are bookmarked for future use.
why do i love name lists so much?

okay off to my summery errands.
coming soon: some of the BEST NEW DRESSES for my shop. they kill me.
happy sunshine to you all.


happy sunshine and weekend to you!
Happy, upbeat, joyful, hope filled, great post to begin my Sunday!

The baby is precious!

Milla said…
awwww miumiu (what I call cats). So cute. I wish out kitties could hang ;)

and thank you for your input on the cat bird issue. My kitteh is really into chasing stuff right now (foot, hems garlic stems...) so it's best to start training her now. I guess I have to get a bell...
AdieSpringB said…
He is just TOOO cute, darlin. Now get to work and write another blog ASAP! You don't have TIME to have 2 OTHER jobs! You have to write so that everyone can feel your inspiration and love!
Missa said…
Again, awwwwwww!

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