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Los Feliz Whirlwind

Last week we went on a whirlwind three day trip to LA. With the drive taking us about eight hours, it was really just one full day spent down there. My brother and his fiance graciously let us stay at their adorable 1920s apartment in Los Feliz while they were away at Burning Man. Especially perfect because Darin's brother Dave and family live within walking distance.
It was very hot. It was sweaty in the car and I5 stretches on forever in an apocalyptic wasteland. It's never been pretty, but I've also never seen it so ugly. Just barren tumbleweed dry dusty land and those godforsaken depressing cattle ranches. Our one stop was just a cluster of filthy graffitied gas stations. Someone needs to open an oasis stop with a playground that is not McDonalds. Anyway, overall I think the girls did remarkably well on the drive down, mostly either sleeping (polly) snacking, or reading and playing in their seats. (I love when I can truthfully say that.) Interestingly, despite all the…

Prayers for Rain

Last night we celebrated my sister Addie's 40th birthday party which was vaguely 90s-gothic themed with a playlist that included all our 1992 favorites: Erasure, Yaz, Depeche Mode, the Cure. And we were definitely praying for rain, as fires burn so much of our beloved state and neighbors' lands here in northern California.
But in the midst of much September sorrow, here we were having a good old time anyway and celebrating the spirit of community and friendship. Party in the courtyard, thank you Totem!

I tried to make the girls a little bit punk rock/goth. Last minute we dug through the drawers, pulled out black and lace, and Lucy even got her hair teased and hairsprayed for the first time. She picked a beaded necklace I made circa 1996, and was proud of all the zippers on her pants.

"I'm pretty much the queen of Placerville right now." - Addie around 12:30 a.m. 40 years old, here's how it looks: my sister and her husband Art just moved back to town and boug…