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more parties, loot, treasure to boot...

to my undying delight, i won sadie's Gypsy Queen Solstice giveaway!
here's my beauteous bounty.

just in time for milla's rad post about romany inspiration. there's nothing i want more than to pile on my jewelry and all my earthly favorite skirts and petticoats and traipse through the land, a nomad and a wanderer. and yet there is also nothing i want more than a cozy homestead with a garden and lace curtains and pretty silk lingerie bags (below) filled with delights. all the cozy luxuries of home...
the dilemmas of too-many-choices. i should be a gemini. always a torn soul, too many things i want to make and do and see and be....until my heart is continually exploding in delight, awe, and scatterings.
meanwhile... zack and rebecca had their big annual holiday bash. it is always on the 27th, (darin always has to work) there is always a white-elephant gift exchange and an ugly christmas sweater contest and a gingerbread houses. also special drinks, a group portrait, chee…

customer appreciation: Norah's Christmas in Norway

there is nothing i love more than getting photos of happy customers wearing vintage items from my etsy shop. i had so much fun this december sending out packages all around the world and imagining them being given as happy christmas gifts or worn for special holiday occasions.
the lovely and sweet norah from norway ordered this velour sweater for her man for christmas.  look how dashing he looks in it! she reports that it is perfect for snuggling, awww...
and even better: he gifted her a pair of slippers with similar stripes! what a sweet stripey couple!
thank you so much, norah, for sending me the photos and for your wonderful enthusiasm. you make me love etsy even more.

a very beatty christmas

although one never quite knows what to expect with our quite unruly family, one thing you know for certain is that celebrations will be crazy.
that someone(s) will dance.

that there will be cats, and mikie will be goofy and loud.
that i will wear a festive apron.
that there will be way too many good homemade treats, and that mikie will point at them.

and that darin will bury his nose in a book and read for a while in the midst of the madness.
that someone will get in a big rollicking argument (addie and mikie this year, and look how innocent she looks) but luckily it will be short-lived.
that conversation will be lively, and everyone will be trying to get a word in edgewise...
that i will make people dressed in cute vintage clothes pose for photos, like the ever-willing em.
that pops will stumble over his words quite endearingly (this year while reading an abridged version of the nativity story ((on his iphone no less,)) he mistakenly called the "babe" the "table."…

may your day be merry and bright

christmas is here. after all the madness....
from a (one!) quiet night watching the eclipse with my sweetheart. the clouds magically parted just at the peak of fullness, and after hours of thinking i was going to miss it due to weather...i did a wee jig in the driveway. we were out there until 2 just soaking in that strange radiance.
to making wassail with mama at the solstice party...

which turned into more like a crazy-dance-party...
to a trip to the mall (!?) with my fun and cheery sister. in which i proceeded to buy myself (well, my household ;) a pound of Sees candies.

days at the bookstore wearing dresses that make me feel festive.
this one came from becky at our booth-day.
to addie's fancy cocktail party last night.

with tiny festive drinks made with cranberries and peppermints, creme de menthe, cocoa, milk. apricot liqueur and grapefruit and violet and all manner of wondrous concoctions.

and lots of cat love.

and caroling down the midnight streets.