deck the halls!

yeah! i'm finally feeling  better, and we're getting gussied up for december around here.

we have so many wonderful and interesting ornaments, given to us mostly by our mommas.
i treasure them and the memories each one holds.

darin built a fire in the woodstove and made us hot cocoa.

below are his two favorites. my mom got him the devil at a craft fair a couple years ago.
every year now when we unpack the decorations he's like, "where's my devil? where's my devil?"
the other one is from his boyhood, which he is obviously still kinda stuck in :)

we have lots of old sixties ornaments that came from my grandma and mom.
i love how detailed and quirky they are.

and....some new.
this was a funny gift from joey and em two years ago. yes i am mildly addicted. (gross i know)

taking time out to snuggle our little christmas kit.
later, he was not so tree, beware!

our tree.

every year i consider trying a theme, like rose-pink or turquoise, or snowy white.
but it always ends up a big folksy countryish conglomeration. and to me that looks homey and cheerful so (again) tidy precision out the window.

sweater: my mom's from the 70s
blouse:  hospice, thrifted over the summer for $1.50 (wearing it everyday lately)
black skirt: hospice, thrifted
legwarmers: gift from emily last christmas (etsy)
slippers: ?

happy holidays to all of you!
can't wait to make crafts, buy recycled gifts, bake, and list pretty vintage party dresses on etsy.
and most of all, to celebrate the solstice!
what are you looking forward to in december?


You guys are really, really cute. We'll be tromping around the woods with a saw as soon as the kids get over their sniffles and the hubby comes back from florida. Nothing says holidays like cutting down a tree :)

I digress, you guys are adorable. Happy Holidays!
Also, I sent you an e-mail :)
Leora said…
Oh wow this makes me feel an urgent need to go get a tree right this second!
Cel said…
Nice looking tree! I prefer the confused and unique country bumpkin tree to the matchy matchy shiny city tree, haha. The themed ones are nice to look at but they just don't feel like a good Christmas tree should. Glad to hear you're feeling better!
Susan said…
Hi my precious girl, everything is so beautiful and cozy here. I love all the brightly colored twinkling lights out front sparking in the rain! All the decorations are so festive, and Poppa just came by to see them. We will always have a kitty in our Christmas tree. Love you honey, you are such a joy!
forestlass said…
Aww, I adore your tree! So pretty. It reminds me of the tree we always had in NY. All mismatchy and fun. We haven't had a tree since we moved here though... Anyway, you guys all look so cozy and happy and it totally warms my heart. Happy holidays, just a mite early.

I can totally imagine your kitty jumping on the tree and knocking it down! Is it wrong that I think it'd be completely hilarious? ;)
Celia said…
I love your is exactly how mine always ends up looking....we have so many different ornaments....something new from each year and ones my kids have made and even a few from my childhood. Glad that you are feeling better. Happy Solstice!
Glad you are feeling better.

Lovely visit to Christmas past. Old time tree. beautiful.

Milla said…
I'm happy you feel well enough to go for an all-out decorating bonanza! What a beautiful tree. It reminds me of the ornament laden ones we did last year at my mother-in-laws. She has like three moving boxes full of ornaments and three christmas trees so each of us "kids" got our own tree.

And I've said it before and I'll say it again, you and Darin are just the most adorable couple, one with very good taste in literature ;)

I'm looking forward to having our first own Christmas with C.'s sister, and thus leaving behind the repeat thanksgiving food, the traffic and present frenzy that seem to be the staples of many American Christmases.

We agreed on a stress-free Christmas day, and since we Finns traditionally celebrate on Christmas Eve, I plan to make some traditional dishes then, play Finnish Christmas music and decorate a small windfall branch with my grandma's ornaments. Oh it'll be fun! Yuletide and Solstice Joy to you and yours love, and thanks again for all.
Milla said…
ps. Had to make it 100, even though I'm more like your 15th follower :D
Amy Beatty said…
So cheery, cozy, merry and bright! Can I move in? I miss you guys. I love all your ornaments. That devil kind of looks like your honey :)! One of my favorites is a elf you got us a couple years ago. We are planning on getting our tree tomorrow, it's only a day away. xoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxox love you forever
Ashley said…
Cozy to the max! Beautiful tree, home, cat and love. Im diggin' this entry. Cant wait to get more Christmassy with all the events coming up. Maybe we can have an ornament crafting party soon...But for sure Nevada City and Pangbroehrn bash! Cant wait!
Missa said…
So fun! The Christmas cheer oozing from this post is making me feel inspired to cozy up and Christmas-ify our home :) You guys really are the most adorable couple ever <3
Teenysparkles said…
Hooray for Christmas, and thanks for sharing with these adorable photos! Also happy to hear you are feeling better. Keep well mademoiselle.

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