customer appreciation: Norah's Christmas in Norway

there is nothing i love more than getting photos of happy customers wearing vintage items from my etsy shop.
i had so much fun this december sending out packages all around the world and imagining them being given as happy christmas gifts or worn for special holiday occasions.

the lovely and sweet norah from norway ordered this velour sweater for her man for christmas. 
look how dashing he looks in it!
she reports that it is perfect for snuggling, awww...

and even better: he gifted her a pair of slippers with similar stripes!
what a sweet stripey couple!

thank you so much, norah, for sending me the photos and for your wonderful enthusiasm.
you make me love etsy even more.


Milla said…
Oh Heather, of course you make people happy.
Milla said…
'cos you so happy-makin'
Heidi Ann said…
How wonderful that she sent you pictures! I love it.
Missa said…
Aw, matching cozy stripey prezzies, how sweet is that?!
anne said…
how sweet! i've never gotten pictures of people wearing the clothes they bought :( i imagine it is super fun to them on their new owners.
Nicky said…
Someone sent pix??!!!! See, you do have a wonderful impact on people with your sweet shop!!! I invite people to send me a picture every time (one girl said she would soon... we'll see!) So very sweet! (especially those matching stripes) :D

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