cowbells in the snow

my brother mikie made this little video when he was up here in the mountains at thanksgiving.
i love it.


marika said…
"you're a knobby kneed little guy" . . . aw. I love it too!
Oh my goodness! So love this. Where was this shot at?
Cel said…
"Please moooooo-ve" Heehee, your brother is great.
isn't it beautiful up there in the snow? i think it was on forebay road in pollock pines kerry.
I loved cowbells in the snow! I love cows anyway. Never seen ones with cowbells. Smart idea though. Great of your brother to share, and you too!
Hello cowbell in the snow, hello cowbell in the snow. Is this place of whatcha know. Can I see you and move you across the road. Can I see you, and make you smile? Can I see you and moo awhile?
Missa said…
So funny and lovely :)

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