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Welcoming Baby to our Yuletide Burrow

yesterday i had my little new baby celebration. at first i wondered if i should even have a "shower" for a second baby, but it seemed like a nice way to honor and celebrate this particular birth and child. i have been planning it for a while now, even had to postpone it one week due to the ice and snow last weekend. i'd had a wintry vision in mind for my little midwinter newborn on her way, and the cozy scene turned out delightful and pretty much just like i'd planned. 

feeling pretty crafty these last few weeks, i made the simple burlap and felt banner and strung it along some fallen branches from my front yard. i was hoping for a kind of earthy wintry vibe, originating from the idea of winter's forest creatures. not too straight-up christmassy but with a welcoming, soft feeling of a cozy midwinter den, filled with warmth and light. i also made a little burlap and lace forest, but next year i want to learn to hand felt so i can create a little snowy menagerie a…

Winter Wonderland

It snowed! It snowed!
And it made everything so much more wintry and spectral and delightful and vast. As Milla so perfectly puts it: our holidays were just bumped up a notch by "a genuine winter experience." Hailing from Finland where the ice and snow are so pervasive, she writes "there is something totally magical and childlike about cold weather here in these latitudes," and I couldn't agree more!
Darin and I watched it come down that night, so excited for Lucy to discover the wonders in the morning.
i made hot cocoa (in my little prince mug from missa just to make it extra special)......
brought in the succulents...
and walked around admiring some of my favorite festive decorations, like the three wisemen of the fiction section...
lucy's growing snowmen collection (mostly thanks to my mom of course.)

and other cheery trinkets, accumulated from so many sweet sources, gifts and thrifts, work parties and most of all, my own childhood.