Winter Wonderland

It snowed! It snowed!

And it made everything so much more wintry and spectral and delightful and vast. As Milla so perfectly puts it: our holidays were just bumped up a notch by "a genuine winter experience." Hailing from Finland where the ice and snow are so pervasive, she writes "there is something totally magical and childlike about cold weather here in these latitudes," and I couldn't agree more!

Darin and I watched it come down that night, so excited for Lucy to discover the wonders in the morning.

i made hot cocoa (in my little prince mug from missa just to make it extra special)......

brought in the succulents...

and walked around admiring some of my favorite festive decorations, like the three wisemen of the fiction section...

lucy's growing snowmen collection (mostly thanks to my mom of course.)

and other cheery trinkets, accumulated from so many sweet sources, gifts and thrifts, work parties and most of all, my own childhood.

our backyard...

snowballs for breakfast. 

up the street:

yeah, her hand me down boots are three sizes too big, but she joyously tromped around anyway! 

having recently become so obsessed with snowmen and christmas books, stories and songs, she now has a frame of reference for "snow." it was so fun to see her get it, and she really did, right away. "snow" and "cold" are her favorite new words now that she truly understands their meaning. she likes to go up to the glass window, or even place her hands on the tile of the bathroom floor and say "doh." (cold)

our house, nestled in:

 we've been sleeping in the living room for extra warmth and coziness. lucy sleeps well out here, between us. so soon another little tiny bundle will join this bed with us. this sweet december will ring in my heart.


Teeny said…
Whoah! That is some winter wonderland you have going on out there! Made just for you! Love the snuggyness of your big living room bed for three (soon 4). She little Lucy, is so softly sleeping, and your kitty!!! Mama you are blooming in your pregnancy, blooming happy. xo
Rachel Weaver said…
Our snowday was totally absent of snow, though the kids did engage in a little mud hill sledding, in a desperate attempt to pretend it had actually happened. I'm hoping for a snowy, bundled in winter, with lots of hot chocolate and giant beds of blankets and pillows and movie watching. Despite the fact that i have only had two white Christmases in my entire life, I still always wish for them.
Anonymous said…
baby's first snow! so special, so perfect! the night it snowed, all my redding friends were posting pics of the snow up there, and i was soooo homesick. i thought of you in placerville and wondered if it was snowing there. do you remember the first time you woke up to snow? what a fairytale for lucy, for all of you. the whole family is snuggled in bed, your visions of sugarplums soon to arrive...a little sugar plum of a babe. lucky mama. lucky big sis. and i wonder too, if you are relating at all to the story of mary, since your feet are traversing a similar spiral from the mythology...descending into darkness and preparing to give birth to the light.

you know, i never commented on your last post, even though i loved it so much! especially your dec. 1 tradition of new you mind if i borrow it for our family? i've been keeping myself open to ideas for solstice night, and new jammies for the longest night of the year is perfect.
Amy Beatty said…
COZY!!! love it. I can't wait to hear her say "doh" too cute! Snowballs and brother bear for breakfast!! what a treat!! you guys just glow out there against all that white goodness!! so very magical xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Jessica said…
Happy Winter Wonderland! Snow is so just makes everything sparkle! We've been loving the snow here too! Everdeen will shout "snooow!" everytime she looks out the window :) This Christmas is so much more exciting as our little ones can be so much more a part of the celebration!
dolly anna said…
i love your happy rosy faces, the toyon,

the bear on lucy's dish.

it was the best treat from mother earth!

Jenna E said…
How awesome are these photo's! It's too cold here for us to enjoy or winter wonderland, so we have been in full on hibernation mode.

And snowballs for breakfast? How "doh" and delicious

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