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happy birthday joey!!!

sing it from the rooftops.... he's 23 years old today.

my baby brother is also, you've probably noticed, one of my closest friends in the whole wild world.

he's a serious i'm talking musical genius...
he's playful as hell....
loves being in nature more than anyone i've ever met....
and then having a beer at the bar afterwards...perfect combo.  not to mention the fact that he brought his lovely lady emily into our lives!
an amazing wise poet soul and a crazy maniacal dancing fool, this kid rocks everyone's world. and we've got lots in store for his birthday celebration!

our teetsie is missing...

you've seen this girl before... far memorial day weekend has been dampered by the fact that this big loveable lady, our 13 year old cat Cleo, has suddenly vanished.
she is a very sweet and lazy cat who never wanders, so we're racking our brains trying to think what could have happened to her. you might recall that last year around this time we lost our precious little boy there something wild in this neighborhood snatching cats? the idea freaks me out a bit. or maybe i'm just watching way too much twin peaks lately.
anyway i miss cleo! her favorite spot to plop and stay awhile is right here on our pillows:
she is kind of the leader of our little cat community around here (that's her on the left just a couple weeks ago) and the other two gals are lost and lonely without her.
we call her clee clee, teetsie, or teets. addie calls her "gypsy eyes," or "gypsy princess."
she would be loving hanging out and rolling around on the thi…

my treasures in a treasury!!!

i got included in a beautiful etsy treasury! it's called "sweet summer" and Anna Carina Vintage put it together; it features lovely watery shades of ocean blues and creekside greens. i an enchanted with the feel of it and i am honored to be included!
i don't know how to show you the whole treasury at once, but here are some of its lovelies:

and my own photo of beautiful ryann that was showcased:
needless to say, i'm beyond excited because honestly, sometimes i feel like i just barely even know what i'm doing here...i just started an etsy shop on a whim and the blind faith that lots of people need the pretty vintage clothes i've been collecting over the years...and now i've fallen in love with the whole process of finding, photographing, styling, and ultimately hopefully selling vintage clothes. but the whole marketing/web design/promotion/advertising part....well i just draw a pretty big blank.
so any little love that comes my way brightens my entire…

imperfect perfection

my sister had a funny thought. to make a blog all about imperfections, ridiculousness, and the ugly moments of life.
you have to check out her hilarious post on the subject. complete with awkward, terrible, disgusting pictures capturing moments in terribly unflattering reality. this might especially be worthwhile  if you have ever felt less-than-adorable or less-than-productive or less-than-clever while looking at some cutie-pie's blog.
not that i condone that kind of insecurity ladies! (or gents as the case may be) be proud of who you are no matter what you are doing/not doing. god knows, let's hope you DO look unique and crazy and wonderfully YOU and that your life is weird. and that you're really lazy sometimes and you just stare around tripping out on everything. cause that's the truth of being alive.
as annie dillard would call it: INTRICACY. the strange magnificent diversity of life. it's all around us with unimaginable magnitude and beauties and horrors …

my treasure; misty-blue and green-wonder photo shoot; overjoyous dresses and dreams

the girls came over in the afternoon and got ready for our photo shoot and even though the sky was teetering on the edge of rain, we headed out into the beautiful countryside.

we went back to Larsen Ranch, the place where i took the apple photos yesterday. a little creek runs through rolling green hillsides with a grotto and twinkling waterfalls; a great creaky wooden water-wheel sits in quiet repose; blackberry brambles gather fresh misty dewdrops.  and the girls were breathtakingly lovely in this perfect setting. and my vintage dresses were of the softest cloud blue watercolor sky palette, whispery ghost ladies traipsing through mystical lands...
all of these pretty pretty dresses are floating their soft dreamy way into my shop tomorrow. and yes, two of them are real live gunnes and all of them are ruffles and lace and picnics and baskets and wildflowers and crystals and sugar and spice and everything nice!