My Favorite One Year Old's Birthday Party

here's what i wore to sydney's party at the park:
and the lovely proud mama, my oldest friend with her baby girl. i can't believe it's been one year since this day. or maybe i can believe it...sort of seems like a hundred years ago too.
it was a cupcake party!
side note, baby thighs are yummy!
kimmy worked so hard. she made a barbecue lunch happen for about forty people. mostly adults. yikes!
kim's sister rachel put a new twist on the cupcake theme with her homemade "cupcake COOKIES"

here's sydney hanging out with her cousin aiden who was born four months premature.
that's right, he was born when his momma was only five months along in her pregnancy.
and he is doing very well and he is so sweet and adorable.
and after tons of running around, here are the happy parents.
proud that their party was a success!
 we had so much fun and even took a little time to play some running-around-the-grass-game like whiffle ball or something. but i must say, kids' parties are exhausting! and i thought karaoke and beer was hard work....


Missa said…
Haha! The before and after shots are HILARIOUS. So adorable.

We didn't make too big of a deal about Clover's first two birthdays partywise, just smaller family affairs (she didn't really know the difference anyway) but not this year, she's already talking about her birthday party and it's not until September!

You looked so gorgeous in that amazing dress, the kiddos must have thought you were a princess straight out of one of their storybooks!
anne said…
i love your dress! simply adorable!

the picture of the baby legs is too cute!
Violet Folklore said…
Want to squeeze the baby thighs.

That was the day I ran into you in Sac, when you were celebrating by buying lots of beautiful vintage! The dress is gorgeous- you look so good in everything!

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