Viva Mexico!

happy cinco de mayo!

the truth is, our celebration for cinco de mayo really just gives me a chance to indulge in my passion for everything mexican. don't get me wrong, i know the basics of history, the mexican victory over the french in the battle of puebla, yeah, yeah, but that was a long time ago and there is so much more about mexico to celebrate!
it's no secret or surprise that i am in love with mexican culture, colors, food, textiles, music and that untold latin flair and vibrancy that artist chucho reyes calls "the adventure of disorder."

today i sat in the sun, drank a corona in the afternoon while listening to vicente fernandez and looking through some of my favorite mexico books:
and reading sandra cisneros' lively and amazing tales.

okay, we're heading out the door to a party but if i have time tomorrow i'll post my instructions for delicious pico de gallo!


Amy Beatty said…
MMM sounds good. Hope your having fun!!
Missa said…
Oh, the colors! This post is making me want to book a trip to Mexico right now!
boots said…
your awesome! you look like everyone of those mexican beauties. too bad i had to work all night last night at Vaughans Irish Pub. i did manage to sell 5 $9.25 margaritas! lol
olivia rae said…
your day sounds so wonderful!! i absolutely love the mexican culture too.. the food, colors, energy - all of it!
hola :) great colors in those pictures, they've completely absorbed me.

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