wreathed in may sunshine

i'm updating my shop this week with some lovely breezy sunshiney items and darin is helping me learn how to use his camera, a canon rebel t2i which has the capacity to take the most amazing photos but i (sadly) barely know how to turn the thing on!

he helped me with a little backyard photo shoot in the may twilight:

and then i played around with it trying to capture that dreamy soft light that i love in photos. and also my cutie hub's facial expressions as he gave me lessons.

and also i discovered that sometimes you just love something too much to sell it.
 think that's the case with this adorable baboushka apron.

what do you guys think? sell or keep?

keep an eye out for lots of cute new summery stuff coming in my shop!


Dalena Vintage said…
New cameras are so much fun! Enjoy your experimentation and can't wait to see the goodies you post in the shop.
marika said…
Oh such sweet things. Keep the apron - if you sell it and change your mind you'll spend years trying to hunt down another one - I've never seen anything like it before!
Teenysparkles said…
Look at you! So cute! Agree with Marika, keep the apron. Beautiful pics of your husband too. Keep frolickin in the May sun, it suits you.
Amy Beatty said…
You have to keep it. I can just imagine your little girl in it helping you frost cookies and cakes. I love your yard. Looks so green and lush, just beautiful. The kids will be happy to see you have your pool up. You look so cute in all your pics!!
Missa said…
Gorgeous photos Heather and your hair is looking so pretty! I reeeeally want a nice camera!

That is the cutest apron EVER, I would agree, you should keep it :)
Kelsie Lynn said…
gosh- i stopped being blog-savvy for a little while and I've clearly missed a lot. Like your blog, I've missed it.

These pics are lovely. Ima go check your shop now!
Violet Folklore said…
These are all gorgeous!


Maybe someday we could take photos of each other....

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