imperfect perfection

my sister had a funny thought.
to make a blog all about imperfections, ridiculousness, and the ugly moments of life.

you have to check out her hilarious post on the subject. complete with awkward, terrible, disgusting pictures capturing moments in terribly unflattering reality. this might especially be worthwhile  if you have ever felt less-than-adorable or less-than-productive or less-than-clever while looking at some cutie-pie's blog.

not that i condone that kind of insecurity ladies! (or gents as the case may be) be proud of who you are no matter what you are doing/not doing. god knows, let's hope you DO look unique and crazy and wonderfully YOU and that your life is weird. and that you're really lazy sometimes and you just stare around tripping out on everything. cause that's the truth of being alive.

as annie dillard would call it: INTRICACY. the strange magnificent diversity of life.
it's all around us with unimaginable magnitude and beauties and horrors and it is here to stay because that is the nature of the universe.

here's to celebrating the weirdness and the imperfections!


Leora said…
Sounds like a GRAND plan!
Anonymous said…
Andrea said…
i have to say I'm really enamored with the idea!
Violet Folklore said…
Yay Adie! I am going to check it out now. (And I already have a blog in the works of "outtakes & bloopers" from the Camera, Banjo, Fiddle photo shoot!)

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