Fancy Pizza and Art's Birthday

yeah, yeah, i know i know. ANOTHER PARTY?!
yes, yes, unabashedly so...another party.
this time it was a celebration of a rockstar's birthday.

my sister's husband, arthur harold echternacht III.
he's basically famous.
he's played in tons of rock bands and is the most hilarious, sarcastic, rock n roll soul i know.

also it was intended to be a "fancy" party, like, you dress up a bit. most people thought it was the PIZZA that was supposed to be fancy, but i thought it was supposed to be US.
so i wore this 90s version of a 20s dress i thrifted a while back.
i would never think to pair black with peach, but by mistake i had this necklace on and liked the way it looked. so i borrowed the little crocheted shrug from my mama.
also i was liking my freshly washed hair, so here's a close up.
peachy drapey flowy floral is my fave right now.

rebecca (sitting down in the center, back) our lovely hostess had everything all FANCY!
it was a garden party by candlelight.
her brother owns the illustrious sacramento eatery magpie cafe, so she borrows lovely tips (and flowers and treats) from their catering services.
see....a real garden party!
her flowers are just beginning to peak out.
delta breezes=chilllyy sacramento eves.
the girls get bundled, then back outside for more pizza!
we had a lavendar ice cream cake for artie.
art and sam blow out candles. our old friend sam coe stopped by and it happened to be his birthday too!
fun was had by all.
hand-slap games are basically our type of fun.
recycled flower arrangements, making the pretty go on and on...
addie and her birthday boy.

other unphotographed highlights were unruly cat stories, homemade iranian candies, sylvan ringing the "dinner bell" and helping with seating arrangments and later zonking out completely:

upcoming plans for the week?
graduation parties, hanging with my girl nichole who is visiting from maine, addie's show friday night, and then possibly a going-away party for ryann?
one big party contiuum.


Thank you for commenting my blog. Amber is a lovely person and a joy to interview. You're a friend of the Violet Folklore? Then I can tell you're a woman of fine tsste.

Just started following your wonderful blog, and am heading off to shop your etsy store. Take care! xo. -Bella Q
Thank you so much for your very kind comment, lovely lady - it means a lot, and cheered me up (I just had a wisdom tooth out, and I'm feeling a bit sad!). I didn't even notice the double comment, so please don't worry - and I seriously do that all the time anyway, because I get impatient and press enter too much. :)

A xx
marika said…
Oh my goodness! A flurry of parties in your corner of the world. Enjoy! They look like such fun!
rebecca said…
I love your dress, it looks like you had fun!
Missa said…
Oh, you crazy kids, always schoolin' the rest of us on how to have fun!

I love your 20's via the 90's look, that dress is gorgeous and your hair so pretty with the lace headband :)
AdieSpringB said…
Bun. I know I shouldn't post this here....but could you PLEASE TAKE the first photo down??? My dress is hanging out and it looks really odd like I'm pregnant or just really big! Sorry......could you maybe just replace it with a diff pic?

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