Teensy Tinsy Fairy Dresses

i finally got a model tiny enough to fit perfectly into two of my very favorite dresses for my shop!
my friend the lovely and brilliant and luminous brittney wendell came over to model....

this gorgeous Joseph Magnin flowy 70s evening twilight elfin gown:

and this little bitty gorgeously mint-condition GUNNE!

thanks to brittney and her pixie size for modeling with such grace and beauty!
and if you happent to be pint-sized too, well feel free to check them out in the shop.


I am in love with the second dress….I so think am a bit short for it hahahaha!! but it’s gorgeous!!! The vintage country vive from it it’s making me think
Of 100 movies I’ve watched and saving some for future inspiration!

Your friend is beautiful and makes this dress look enchanting I love the setting and the smiles!♥………Lovely post amazing inspiration♥
Amy Beatty said…
Mercy! She is way too perfect for those. I love the bright flower in her hair too. She is such a cute girl. You need to come back and do some shoots in the ghost towns. got to go. Bella is crying. A red ant bit her:)

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