heaps and heaps of goodies

i seem to have vintage lovelies pouring out my ears.
and the thing right now is, i love them all...like to the point that i reeeeaaaalllllyy want to keep them...but my closet is too full! and i want to spread the love...so...i'll keep them flowing onward and outward.

okay check out this blouse i found. it's by "you babes" which is the cutest 70s-ish brand and it has THE MOST AMAZING SLEEVES.  emily did a little photo shoot with me in our friends' backyard when we went to babysit their kid sylvan so they could go see conan o'brien live.
and....see what i mean, dresses galore!
...with a little help from my friends.

so again, like i said a few days ago, keep an eye on my shop cause when it rains it pours! or actually i should say -  when the sun shines...heather gets busy!


Amy Beatty said…
That first photo is the BEST!! It just captures a really good feeling. Oey has those same overalls. I bet you guys had fun with that handsome fella. Can't wait to see what else you put up. You have such gems!!
Milla said…
Wowza! So many wonderful girls dresses and posts to catch up on. You are the best and your package will be in the mail shortly, after an all-important item is captured ;)
Redferns said…
Love your dresses:) You're adorable.
Missa said…
That first floral dress is so gorgeous on you! I didn't see it in your shop, did you decide to keep it?

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