"sweet may hath come to love us..."

i love love love MAY!
for me may means everywhere flowers, listening to pop music, driving with the windows down, dusting off the old bike, early sunrise, setting up and filling up my little pool, enjoying a backyard alive with greening energy, owls, doves, woodpeckers, bluejays, hummingbirds, finches and the peacock's crazy call, poetry, sundresses, sunkissed cheeks, afternoon beers from time to time, paper lanterns hung in a row, pico de gallo for cinco de mayo festivities, oh cilantro sweet cilantro!
it's the end of rain, the beginning of pure sunshine, warmth, smiles, friendship, tan shoulders, flip flops. it is pure california: rolling green hills, blossoming trees, farmers markets' opening weekends, jazz bands on sunday afternoons, the river season begins....live music on the patio at marco's!

oh but the list goes on and on.

so most importantly, this year i love may for the fact that on mayday ruebi and manuel got married!
i missed the ceremony because of work. but they wed at a tiny little historic church in coloma built in 1855.

there's a lot to like about weddings, but i especially like weddings for the sexy lovey vibe they bring. especially ruebi's! she is a poet and songstress and gypsy girl and all the people around her play accordions and talk about nakedness and prepare delicious garbanzo bean dill salads and wear flowy vintage dresses.
and i got to sit with doniella and nihar. so life was complete.

oh and of course my handsome husband who is trying out contacts and everyone is noticing his lovely eyes for the first time.

and...momma and i got tipsy off champagne.

then the next night there was this incredible house show....honeycomb, the cutest band from san francisco and the mind-blowing kasey johansing. check them out if you have a moment; i'm serious that their music is fabulous and they are on tour in a big colorful magical bus up through the pacific northwest!

okay! and this is how irresistibly cute my friends dress. becky and bridget are both more diligent and determined and lucky thrift store shoppers than i am...not kidding.
ahhh - these ladies and their springtime dresses go straight to my heart!

lovely folksy tipsy sunny days.
sweet sweet may.


Amy Beatty said…
I LOVE that chapel. It is the cutest one in all the land!!! And what the hey? is that girl even showing yet, plus I never heard what she is having and it is cutting me deep!!!! May is so glorious. Me and the kids are cutting school Wednesday for a train ride around the mountain!!
Teenysparkles said…
Sublime! Weddings are sexy aren't they! I love them. Your words of Spring remind me of anticipation and hope...whereas my Autumn feelings are all about tucking oneself into cosiness and hibernation. We are upside-down to each other on the globe (kind of); that is pretty amazing. I love your hair ribbon, it perfectly matches the mood and colours in your dress. Enjoy the gladness and relief of Spring!
boots said…
oh you guys are the cutest, were the second cutest! lol.
oh my i love your dress, so perty! and those two ladies on the end are styling as well. i have so many celebrations to go to this summer- and then alas my day. cant wait, wish you could be there- i feel like we are close friends now! hehe :)
Anonymous said…
Awww you looked like the perfect mix of sweet and lovely!
Redferns said…
I love cilantro:)
Missa said…
What a perfect description of all that is beautiful and good about May in California! Your stream of consciousness descriptive writing style always blows me away :D

Oh, and I think I'm officially developing a bit of a style crush on this Becky friend of yours ;) Amazing!

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