beautiful day

emily and i met some girlfriends at eco thrift, a giant thrift store in sac with racks upon racks of scores!
especially because it was tuesday when they do all their mark downs.
blue tags, 25% off; orange tags 50% off; yellow tags 75% off.
i went nuts. filled this whole cart.
emily, on the other hand, was good and escaped with just one bag of treasures.
this place is crazy. you can only take 3 items at a time into the dressing room, with a five minute time limit.
so it's back and forth, back and forth, slowly narrowing down your cart contents.
my new vintage patchwork quilt is so perfect for springtime picnics...i'm seriously soooo in love with it.
back up the hill, we had an afternoon romp to the river.
(had to change to my converse for this part of the day!)
it was all in celebration of the lovely LESLEY'S BIRTHDAY!
and what a day it was...

birthday girl decided to jump in. pure snowmelt right now folks.

big breath....
she's under!
and..........cozy again.

i loved today!

but most importantly,
it was my little niece BELLA's birthday. and i sadly could not be with her, but she just spent a few days with her crazyamazing family in southern california and at disneyland! so i think she's very happy.
i miss her so.
she's six today!
the adventurous...
the lovely...
the storyteller...
and ever-so-loveable and companionable.....


i can't wait to read all about their trip and adventures here.


anne said…
what a perfect day! i love your patchwork quilt :D
Missa said…
Your quilt reminds me of a couple that my mother-in-law recently passed on to us, what a score, such lovely quilts are not easy to come by! I must go to this eco thrift one day... on a Tuesday!

Sounds like a perfect day by the river, I'm loving your yellow converse and matching hoop, and how adorable is your neice... Bella indeed!
Kelsie Lynn said…
three things:
Love the quilt/blanket
Your hubby is supa fly
and so are you in the last picture.
olivia rae said…
what an AMAZINGLY perfect day! nothing better than being outside with friends in the sun. and bella is so beautiful. xoxo

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