"near the hub of the miracle that everything / is a part of..."

this is what i wore on the delicious may day that was sunday.
another piece from my newly thrifted collection of western regalia, actually two pieces: blouse and skirt.
and the day was fine and cool and sunny with poofy white clouds and i explored with my cat

and found a bird's nest full of tiniest baby bluejays in my camellia bush.
(don't worry, daphne the cat missed out on this discovery)
almost otherworldly in their strange vulnerability,
while mama watched nervously from a nearby tree, flying reassuringly back into the camellia bush everytime i walked away. can you see her?
and i read my new favorite, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard.
mind achingly beautiful words...
while my own mama made fresh buttery crumbly heart-shaped biscuits with her sweetheart in the kitchen:
and she also made an old family favorite, texas hash (she makes it with soy crumbles now!) and homemade gooey brownies with pecans, and a delicious salad.

all in all, a dreamy day.

then today...i explored again; went out looking for a barn or country building to do our photo shoot tomorrow.
we were planning a gorgeous outdoor photo shoot at the river with lots of lovely friends for models,
but it looks like we're getting rained out.

so we romped through the hillsides in search of abandoned stone or brick buildings or old wooden barns.

and i fell in love (like always, again and again) with these hillocks and dales,
hidden nooks and creekbeds and vines and fig trees,
oak and sky and iris and pine,
rows and rows of greening apple trees...

so i have to leave you with a poem by one of my favorites, Mary Oliver. have i written about her before? anyway you probably all already own her books because they are that good and she's well-loved.

something lovely:

May, and among the miles of leafing
blossoms storm out of darkness--
windflowers and moccasin flowers. The bees
dive into them and I too, to gather
their spiritual honey. Mute and meek, yet theirs
is the deepest certainty that this existence too --
this sense of well-being, the flourishing
of the physical body -- rides
near the hub of the miracle that everything
is a part of, is as good
as a poem or a prayer, can also make
luminous any dark place on earth.


Courtney said…
I don't think I've ever seen baby blue jays! Goodness, they are too cute. Your days look absolutely blissful. What a gorgeous countryside.
anne said…
what a find! i love your skirt and blouse. and what a gorgeous area you live in!
the baby birdies are pretty darn adorable as well :D
Amy Beatty said…
I had to clap for joy when I saw Nana with her lover, so fun. We found a cracked baby egg yesterday. the poor baby didn't have a chance. Love that land and all its beauty.
Jackie Jeffries said…
It is all so wonderful!
Cel said…
It looks like you had a wonderful Sunday! I myself wandered around in the woods near my parents', just taking photos and enjoying the gorgeous weather.

I really enjoy reading your blog, it's hard not to feel contagiously happy.
lightwood said…
LOVE this post! You're a rare find - always doing the coolest things and wearing the prettiest clothes :-)
Missa said…
You are a country dream girl in that outfit Heather, what a find!

Aw, those baby birds are both adorable and totally crazy lookin', I think your description of them was so perfect.

That poem is pure beauty, and goes so well with the beautiful day you had :)

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