El Seis de Mayo

i've got some photes from eric and ashley's cinco de mayo party.
we had such a good time.
there was tons of homemade salsa and guacamole, so i was basically in heaven.
oh, and of course margaritas!

plus, emily wore this dress that she thrifted last year when we were in kalispell, montana. it cost her $2.99 and is completely handmade...gorgeous. mine came from etsy and i love it...had to pair it with a cotton slip cause it was a teensy bit chilly.

we got to see old friends like sara and kelly:
and new friends like bridget (on the right, next to the luminous mallory):
and cassi, a model and photographer's assistant, who took a lot of these great photos:

this is our host eric with friends akira, ryan, and chris:
and hostess ashley with her adorable kitten jules. i'm so in love with him. his body is stocky in just the right way. i'm so glad our friends are cat people.

we had a sombrero photo shoot:

but best of all were jules' antics. he uses his paws exactly like hands. he eats with them and everything, like a little raccoon!

i won't even get into details of the pull-up contest. yeah, i refrained from that one but i am quite surprised at how strong most of my friends are, both the guys and gals!

all in all it was a perfect cinco de mayo and i am excited for more spanish-style dancing at our upcoming tapas party.

how was yours?


Courtney said…
Aw, what a great party! Everyone looks so happy to be there. I absolutely love your dress and that little kitten.
Amy Beatty said…
You all look so adorable. I'm so glad Em wore that dress. It is amazing! That cat sounds and looks way too cute also. Glad you had such a lively lovely party xoxo
Kelsie Lynn said…
gorgeous photos. really, you got some cool friends and I still think you are absolutely beautiful.

Cinco de mayo is definitely an American holiday cause I had no idea about it till I went there. Thus, CDM day was non existent here in oz!
love!!!! we had so much fun, i cant wait to have more fun and good times with photos withall of you again...
anne said…
what fun! we're actually gonna celebrate it tonight, should be a blast :D
Violet Folklore said…
Aww man, Emily's dress is unreal!!! Yours is lovely too Heather!

Can you and your sis please spend more time in Nevada County???? (Did you see my Clothes Party invite for next Thursday?).
Teenysparkles said…
Awwww thanks for sharing the party, the photos make it feel like we were getting a sneakpeak into something spectacular!

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