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The Summeriest

To continue with the theme of days tumbling by:
We celebrated summer solstice all last weekend. The days were long and full of the summeriest of activity. On Saturday after making fruit salad and tabbouleh for the night's upcoming festivities, I took the girls and my mom and we met my oldest best friend Kimmy at the El Dorado County Fair. The theme was "Hog Days of Summer" and it was my first time going since i had kids. I didn't even know there was a toddler-ride area, nor did I know that they bumped up the price of a small cup of beer to six bucks. On a hot hot day, that's worth it, even if it is just for a Shock Top.
Speaking of shock...the girls could barely believe their eyes.

Taking Polly on the ferris wheel was one of my more freaky moments. She could so easily slip right under that bar, and when we were felt very very UP. And when we came down, we came so much faster than I remembered! She gripped that bar, and I gripped her, while also nervously…

One Week in Summer

The girls and I were having a watermelon treat in the backyard when....

Our friends from the city suddenly surprised us with a visit! Doniella (Auntie D), Amanda and baby Chloe (almost exactly Polly's age) showed up to chill out with us for a while on their way up to their camping adventure at Sly Park Lake.

Addie and Utah joined us, and it turned into an impromptu pool party.

The makings of a perfect summer afternoon: laundry on the line, watermelon slices on a plate, babies in a pool, and laughing mommas.

Tuesday was a long awaited Movie Night since Zack and Rebecca and Sylvan have moved into their new home. This was our most well-attended movie night yet, with about 25 people including ten, yes TEN tots under the age of five, plus ten year old Sylvan as shepherd. The kids in age order are as follows: Sylvan, Juniper, Oliver, Zillion, Lucy, Aesop, Utah, Chloe, Polly, Arlo, Elan.

Tofu taco spread was a big hit, thanks Rebecca and all contributors. I made pico de…