California Poppies - Moon Sisters Gathering 2015 Part Two

Time flew too quickly when Milla came to town. The poppies pinched their cheeks for a last ditch effort, the doves and hummingbirds dipped and spied, and the honey bees flicked their dainty tongues to catch a drop. I picked Milla up at noon on Friday in Grass Valley, and she left the Placerville bus depot on Saturday afternoon. It was a whirlwind and a breeze. I felt like she was my sister, settling right in. It seemed like she would never leave, then she was gone on a train in a flash of California light.

I had planned a friend gathering bbq, to honor Milla's presence and the fact that my sister had just moved back to town. For the kids it probably felt like the party was in honor of our trusty little pool being up again. Yes even in a drought I can't bring myself to spare the comfort of this old friend. I think I filled it on a legal watering day. (hope?)

I decided to try grilled pizza for the first time. Luckily I had Jorden to man the bbq or I think my experiment may have literally fallen flat. I had read that it's easiest to do them assembly-line style with everything ready to go, so I had made grill-friendly dough the day before and refrigerated it overnight, plus homemade sauce. Milla cut and sauteed veggies in the kitchen and I think it was Pops who grated the cheese. We had good wine from the Lava Cap crew (Elsie and Jorden both work there) and a delicious blueberry peach cobbler that Elsie brought that blew my mind way later that night. The grilled pizza turned out really good but so did the other two I made inside in the oven, which were way easier, so I'm not totally sold. 

It was so fun having Milla in our midst telling stories and inspiring us with island community rituals.

Darin got home from work and I gave him the look. Or maybe I came right out and squealed it: HELP. Lucy was having a meltdown and Polly wouldn't let anyone near her except me. My girls were actually pretty difficult during Milla's visit which bummed me out a bit. I guess it's because they aren't used to sharing their mom and I was clearly enraptured with my friend. Ah well, they are so young and there will be many more moon sister visits and I foresee nice long bonfire chats with all the girls, my little ones included, as they grow. They did get to know her and now like to point her out in pictures. By the time she was leaving they were ready for her to stay awhile!

Milla and I stayed up late talking cozy in nighties on my couch. Sweet of her to oblige my chatterbox heart when she was so tired, but it was sooo nice to finally be able to talk, the house quiet, the peaceful feeling of just being able to amble about from one subject to the next until you're falling asleep with the words on your tongue.

In the morning Darin had to leave early and us gals took our time around the house. It was definitely naptime by the time we walked down to the farmers market.

My farmer friend Mary was almost sold out. We shared cherries and chatted and my mom showed up and joined us there.

This is what much of the walk home looked like:
I was huffing and puffing pushing that double stroller up our big hill and Milla took over for the final stretch for me. A little kindness that I appreciated, breathing easier as we got home, held those fussy babes, and got those thirsty sweetpeas into water. 

She calls Pops "pops" quite naturally. It's this kind of little scene I love to see. A trampoline chat between two worlds.

Saying good bye is always hard. But we are lucky! Our summer trip this year swings us right by Milla-land, so we will be meeting up in a mere two months.

There was some concern about the bus schedule, the luggage allowance, etc. All signs pointed to a great journey home when the driver took hold of Milla's large backpack with gallantry and casually tossed it aboard. He welcomed her with a jovial warmth that made me smile and thank the universe that this wandering woman would be in good hands with a proper start to her homeward journey.

I missed her the second I drove away. My heart sent out little waving hankies of love all the way home.


Rachel Weaver said…
I just drove away from my best friend a few hours ago, and I'm feeling the same sorts of feelings. Why can't everyone I love stay right in my bubble?
Friends becoming friends with your babies is the best.
Milla said…
Aaawww! This is such a sweet capturing of our time together. Next time I'll come for more days and totally win even Polly over ;) Your girls were adorable and darling. Meeting those two sweeties was definitely a highpoint of my trip, having their sweet little voices and big smiles attached to the images you post now. I feel so honored to have gotten to see a real little slice of your life, to visit with your friends, to chat with Darin, to hangout with your mom and Pops (both of whom I want to adopt right now!). Thank you again so much for giving me the authentic Heather life experience. I was so sad to be leaving I cried all the way down to Sac on the bus, like a loon. That bus driver BTW was such a charmer, oh my gosh. He made me smile, even through my tears. LOVE YOU all, give the girls big smooches for me <3
Tera said…
Wonderful blog post!

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