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home is where i want to be pick me up and turn me round

i come home - born with a weak heart guess i must be having fun. well the less we say about it the better, let's make it up as we go along

feet on the ground head in the clouds i'm okay i know nothing's wrong.

got plenty of time got light in your eyes

and you're standing here beside me i love the passing of time

never for money always for love cover up and say good-night.

home is where i want to be but i guess i'm already there i come home - you lifted up your wings i guess this must be the place

i can't tell one from the other did i find you or did you find me? there was a time before we were born if someone asks, this is where i'll be.

we drift in and out sing into my mouth
and out of all those kinds of people you got a face with a view

and i am just an alley cat looking for a home to share the same space for a minute or two
will you love me until my heart stops love me until i'm dead? eyes tha…

baja style tempeh tacos

when the days are sunny and i have spent the afternoon outside, reading, crafting, and photo-shooting in the bright warm sunshine, my favorite thing to make for dinner is baja style tempeh tacos, from this book:

i don't actually own this cookbook (it's kind of expensive and hasn't come in used at the bookery yet) but i copied the recipe down in my old journal a couple years ago when i had it checked out from the library. i'll give you the recipe, but know that this is my shorthanded translation.

Taco Slaw: sliced cabbage and carrots shredded, about 3 big cups 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar 2 pickled jalapenos, diced salt and pepper (i add a bit of the jalapeno juice) mix all these in a non-metal bowl, cover with plastic, weigh it down with cans or something and refrigerate for at least an hour.
Lime Crema: 3/4 plain soy yogurt (i use plain whole milk yogurt) 3 tbsp lime juice (i use fresh, as much as possible) 2 tbsp grapeseed or avocado oil 1/3 cup cilantro leaves (i a…

Romantic Vintage Dresses for Easter

when you were little, did you always get a new dress for easter?
it's one of the highlights of my childhood, that and winning a goldfish at the city park for finding the most easter eggs.
well, this is my easter treat this year!

addie was lucky enough (i never seem to be) to score these vintage 1960s dresses on ebay. ebay of all places?!! for hella cheap, i don't even want to tell you how much. i mean little. it's embarassing. in any case i begged her to borrow them to try on and photograph.

just for the sheer fun of it. it's easter. the holiday that you're supposed to get new dresses. i can't help but love them all the more; my heart cries out to them.

look at that amazing detail! the 60s knew how to make a damn dress. you simply don't see shit like that anymore: pintucks and textured fabrics with fuzzy little details and ruffles around the neck line and puffed sleeves with their own little extra ruffles and lace... i mean please.

...these dresses were s…