spring cleaning and other demons

spring cleaning is way overdue around here.

i learned to wear a turban just for the occasion:

how cute was that???
i love starr and this is the best tutorial video i've ever seen. and believe me, i have been watching some lately. more about that later. as for now, the cleaning.

so my momma moved out and for a month we are living alone in our big old house. (paying rent all by ourselves? eeeeeekkkkk!!!) our friend jamie van camp is going to move into our old room (which is like a converted garage rec room space) and we're moving back to the "master" bedroom. and what does that mean? books. moving lots and lots and LOTS of piles of books. sorting some out to trade in or give away.  cutting my finger deeply on the metal runner on the bottom of a desk drawer upon which i was piling books on top of books. blood spurted everywhere. friends, it's been quite a week.

the turban was fun to wear for a day of organizing, carrying books, and fighting off a massive toothache. at least it kept my damn hair out of my face. it made me feel old-fashioned and cheerful as i went about my duties.
i tried out another version of the turban later that night for our writers' meeting. the boys were like, um, what is that on your HEAD? darin and joey could hardly look at me, they just thought i looked so .... weird! ...
but mostly i just want to show this picture cause i look hella buff. total illusion, but hey, i'll just keep fooling myself.

anyway, this is how "spring cleaning" usually ends up going around here.

we drink a beer, i take some outfit shots, darin plays guitar in the sun. the cats lounge and scamper after bees. we make some food. someone comes over. the boys go play music. i drink another beer and try on some newly thrifted dresses. when we have a day off together and try to arrange some big household project, it all goes to shit if the sun's shining!

 i was like, hey honey how do you like my new shorts? he answered, "ummmmm, not really." he would chuckle every time he looked at these shorts. i had just picked them up at the thrift store that very morning and thought they were the most comfortable things ever. he was just like, no. please god no.

i had also thrifted this little pointelle super-duper soft vintage lingerie tank top thingie. i picked one up for amber as well, since there were two and very sweet soft clothing reminds me of her!

the necklace is an ishtar pendant given to me years ago by a suitor. i will tell you all about him sometime. he was a real trip and his name was ian cinnamon and he made me a wooden spellbox and dressed up like a pirate to present it to me. i am not kidding. i recently rediscovered it and this lovely pendant was still inside; it must have creeped me out too much to wear it back then but time heals all!

(gratuitous cat shot, thanks for indulging me, and isn't he just the handsomest?!)

i got the little hat that same day. another item darin was a bit hesitant about. but i felt kinda cute in it, and hey, that springtime sun was shining. aint nothing gonna bring me down!

croonin. at least he's still nice to me, despite my crazy-lady wardrobe ventures.

so this post turned more into outfits and laziness than anything related to spring cleaning. if i took pictures of my house right now, you'd understand why. at this rate jamie will never be able to move in...our junk is now wildly strewn around this place even worse than before. that's what happens when i try to "organize."

wish me luck while the sun shines.

turban: astrological scarf from marmy years ago (avon?)
second turban: giant blue scarf from milla
yellow apron: vintage, thrifted
polka dot blue maxi dress: i love it, vintage thrifted  years ago

shorts outfit: all thrifted from Partners in Care, $4.75 total
ishtar pendant: gift from pirate suitor, 1997
feather earrings: made by bridget

darin's tee: gift from milla


ugh, cleaning. screw it.

but maybe i will try having a beer next time and see if it helps :)

Sadie Rose said…
haha! i was just talking to a girlfriend about how all boyfriends absoutely cannot get on the high-waisted wagon. they're like, "uhhhh honey? why are you wearing those grandma pants/shorts/skirt?". So funny. YOU my dear, are darling. sending you much springtime light and inspiration on the wind. xo
ashley said…
Jamie's moving in?! How fun!
Claire said…
I liked this post, your sweetness made me giggle. I managed to get some spring cleaning done in bursts this year but *nothing* like home rearranging. Good luck with it! I'm sure it's gonna look really pretty when you're done.

I can't even get started on how awesome Ian Cinnamon is. He needs to be a song or a short story or something, Please do tell us about him some time.

Oh, and I hope your thumb feels better soon. Cuts are no fun. Maybe have another beer?
Milla said…
Heather weather is here! (Well, there ;) As soon as I saw those shorts man, I was like C. would never, but never let me get away with that-just like Sadie said. hahhah. (Also, his favorite thing to say when I'm getting dressed is something like: "Nice outfit. Are you gonna ruin it with a belt now?" and make copious Blossom-remarks. Like "is that the purse Blossom died in?") You look so adorable and I LOVE the hat. Keep it.

Your mom move in with her honey? What a sweet life. I'm sure it'll be a transitional time, but spring is perfect for such changes.

And going through your books, awesome, 'cos Imma gonna send some your sweet way soon.

Still Blooming said…
Turban Magic indeed! Whatever may motivate to clean house. Usually I have all my hair sittin on top of my head in a bun :)
The sun is shining, barefeet and guitar playing, beer and dress up...now that's my kind of "spring cleaning". xoxo
I WANT SUNSHINE. :( it is so freaking rainy here. lmao at darin not liking your shorts. just because he can't see your cute little butt in them. boys only appreciate clothes if they can see our T&A. they never appreciate the fabric or colors or any of that. hope your finger is better.
send some sunshine my way!! and if you haven't already, send me your email. i have something for you.
Amy Beatty said…
Spring cleaning suits you guys well :) Piles of books, sunshine, darin, cats and new finds!!! I love that buff photo of you and Joey. You look way cute and I have always thought that you have had amazing arms xoxo
NikkNaks said…
I love bare feet. Time to run around in some grass this spring!!
PS: I was out collecting goods for my future shop, and I picked up a skirt that Breanne and I both thought looked like you!! Haha :)
Andrea said…
you're adorable! I'm glad you had fun with your cleaning, or "non" cleaning actually :) I love your turban, and thank you also for the video link. I never can quite figure things like that out, without visual instructions. If you find any on scarves, please pass them my way.
Missa said…
Oh Heather, how cute are you in that little HAT!?! I love that pic with your smiling face amongst the floating orbs of sunlight, SO CUTE!

I can't wait to hear more about this Ian Cinnamon character, for real?!

I did some cleaning mixed with drink a beer and lounge around in the sunshiney yard stuff on Sunday too, it was sublime :)
Cel said…
The hat and shorts are cute! You look ready for fun and frolicking. I know how you feel about a home upside down! I'm unpacking still and there is stuff everywhere, holy moly. But it always feels so good once the job is done and everything is tidy and in its place... for a while at least hee.
Violet Folklore said…
Oh how I do love you. And your darling clothes (even the 80s mom shorts- ha!) and especially your beer drinking guitar playing house cleaning. It really is hard to Git Shit Done when the weather is nice.
What is with our men not indulging in our every wardrobe whimsy? I can hardly have Graham take photos of me at all because he's always like "Uh, really? Your gonna blog about THAT?" or something similar.
Oh man, that top you got me is the bestest thing ever. You are so sweet (and soft)!
Love love love.
Violet Folklore said…
Oh yes! More about Ian Cinnamon please!

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