is where i want to be
pick me up and turn me round

i come home - born with a weak heart
guess i must be having fun.
well the less we say about it the better,
let's make it up as we go along

feet on the ground
head in the clouds
i'm okay
i know nothing's wrong.

got plenty of time
got light in your eyes

and you're standing here beside me
i love the passing of time

never for money
always for love
cover up and say good-night.

is where i want to be
but i guess i'm already there
i come home - you lifted up your wings
i guess this must be the place

i can't tell one from the other
did i find you or did you find me?
there was a time before we were born
if someone asks, this is where i'll be.

we drift in and out
sing into my mouth

and out of all those kinds of people
you got a face with a view

and i am just an alley cat looking for a home
to share the same space for a minute or two

will you love me until my heart stops
love me until i'm dead?
eyes that light up
eyes that look through you

lately i have been just loving the sweetness of home.

lyrics: talking heads, my favorite version is by shawn colvin
tunic: vintage jantzen, thrifted
belt buckle: gift from darin, vintage thrifted
tie dye skirt and leggings: thrifted
boots: thrifted
necklace: my lucky one, gift from marmy
headband: handmade and gifted from milla


Teeny said…
home sweet serenity. Home for me is when i'm sleeping in the same house as my whanau....my brothers and mum, hubs and babes.
such a sweet post from a sweet girl. <3
Kerry said…
Im over the moon for that belt buckle! HOOOOWWWL!!!!
ashley said…
You know how I feel- Home is wherever CP is!

No but seriously, lovin' that you're lovin' home. I think having the windows open and flowers outside with bugs floating around for the cats to chase- its all so picturesque and lovely! Hard to want to be anyplace else, sometimes.
Still Blooming said…
Sweetness! Sweetness...your picture with 'orange kitty' I thinks sums it all up. It makes me smile. He is just the proudest cat ever and obviously sooo loved. Gratitude is indeed a gift to oneself and shows through in your post. BEAUTIFUL. and lovin' the pipe, has Darin had second breakfast yet? XOxo
Amy Beatty said…
HOly smokes!!! Darin is one lucky guy. You look way too fun and cute in that WHOLE get-up. p.s. I love that song!! I would slow dance Jarom to sleep everyday when he was a wee one, even after bella was born to shawn colvin.
Missa said…
I couldn't agree more with your sentiments on home lately and the colors in this adorable outfit are positively yummy!

Your hair is way cute like this too, and I love the leather leaves with the lace headband :)

Darin is looking quite dapper himself. Oh, and I just want to reach through the screen and pet those darling kitties of yours!
Milla said…
Home is the best place in the world. I love this post and its beautiful spirit. You look poetic in your laces and pastels and there is a warmth to these pics that just shines right through. And yes, Darin does look quite dapper and I'm sure I know someone who would want to share smoke from that pipe. I can't wait till our "old men" can sit on the porch of my home together smoking their pipes and watching the sunset. Come come soon!

In the meantime the more kitty pictures you post the better...Lots of love to you and yours.
Violet Folklore said…
Sweet darlin'! Your hair is so long and beautiful! You are the cutest thing (Darin's a close second). Your home is indeed very lovable.
Wow, that belt buckle is to DIE for! Where'd you get it? Love the layering ;-)
lightwood said…
It's so strange (and not so) the timing of things.. as I have found myself so completely drawn to my home sweet home lately also, not for any particular reason, and not because it's been kept particularly clean or organised and none of the housework is ever done but I'm just really lovin spending my days off hanging with the furry ones, reading, making tea, sorting thru my wardrobe and hanging with my man.. Hope I can find joy and peace in these simplicities the same way you do, the same way you always do, and it'll help me realise that life ain't that bad at all, even when it's tough and won't let up it's still full of so much love xx
Cel said…
You look so adorable here. I really like this outfit, super cute and fun. I'm with you on loving home. I'm finally settled into my new apartment, for the most part, and it just feels so good to have my HOME again. It's one thing having a roof over your head, but if it doesn't feel like home, it's not quite right.

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