beach days, beach nights


we were totally planning on camping on mt. tamalpais,
but we took one look at this colorful little place right in the heart of tiny stinson beach with its handpainted signs (the one that said $55 didn't hurt!) and changed our minds and decided to treat ourselves.

there is nothing better than a beachhouse with the sun shining on sandy-gritty patios engulfed in greenery and succulents, hand painted murals, bright colors of red and yellow and pink and blue, umbrellas and uneven brick terraces and wooden rails and everything just a little ramble-shamble, rustic and cozy.
this kind of place sings to my heart and is purely inviting.

especially when a beautiful lady cat lives there and loves to have company!

our room was "the pink room" and it was quite foofy, kind of victorian style, super comfortable with floral cushions everywhere and an extra futon (we want to come back with friends) and little old-fashioned touches like perfume bottles and fringed lamps and calico curtains that tie with a ribbon.

best of all, we had our own balcony next to this gorgeous flowering tree!

but i am especially fond of a terraced patio with a rickety wooden bar set up, just for fun...

we shared some beer and sandwiches and chilled out here for awhile to read and write in our journals, which is my dream come true.

then off to the beach!

this next photo might be my favorite photograph i've ever taken....DAMN FINE JOB, if i may say so myself!

mmmmmm, can't you just feel it?!

there's a hole in my heart...

where the ocean comes frothing in and out.
leaving bits of flotsam and jetsam....

that can sometimes make for good pretend whistles and pipes.

this is the sound we slept to all night.

in the morning, we took coffee on our balcony with this view below:

then went to wander among the eucalyptus groves and headlands along the craggy coastline.
a tree of sisters, sharing and growing from one massive trunk.

i tried a climb or two.

wildflowers popping up everywhere, i think this might be california fuschia? 

darin and the view (i thrifted that shirt for him recently)

tiny mushrooms on the lush forest floor.

we ventured upon a steep muddy path down the cliffside, and found this hidden rocky beach just north of bolinas.
two surfers met up there and were out there on the huge waves together during the rest of our stay.

we found a driftwood fort decorated with sea debris, and i am pretending to be a pirate wench washed ashore and ready to relax after adventures at sea.

here is my mast,

headed back down to stinson beach for a more "traditional" beach with soft warm sand and children and dogs playing.
it was seriously the quintessential california beach day.
and needless to say i was in heaven.

but afternoon came and we had to get to berkeley, for another friend is in another play!
but first, a ramble down telegraph for some of our favorite haunts.

and a cup of coffee with new (used) books and cds to peruse. darin loves to stack them up, carefully look them over, making connections and conclusions in his strange and marvelous mind.

Jamie's play was a version of The Iliad (which is kinda funny, since we just saw Les in the Odyssey last week!) and it was performed in the round at this rad "Little Castle" downtown, the 80 year old Berkeley City Club. I love that it was designed by female architect Julia Morgan (who also designed Hearst Castle) and started as a "ladies' club" and still has its gorgeously designed swimming pool open all day to swimmers.

Jamie was mind-blowingly amazing as Achilles and i was proud to know him and Evan, both phenomenal actors and artists. 

it was late when we headed back up the hill but we were just in time to catch up with our friends in sacramento at the train station. joey, stan, nick, and bouey were heading out on the red-eye up to eugene, oregon where they will begin an epic bike trip down the coast!

i was kinda worried, especially because joey (my youngest bro) told me he had just tried out riding his bike with all the gear packed for the first time that day! and he said he was super wobbly on his
so all i could say over and over again was be careful, and call me up if you want me to take a road trip and pick you guys up.

i'd be glad to head back to the coast again!

my dresses:
white and red floral maxi: from etsy
short pale pastel 80s floral: addie thrifted and reconstructed
(hemmed it shorter and made straps from the excess fabric)
sandals: bass outlet
flip flops with flower: roxy, thrifted (not recommended for hiking a muddy hillside!)
plaid overshirt: vintage Levi's thrifted
silver pendant: thrifted $1.50
silver hoop earrings, had forever like since i got my ears pierced


Amy Beatty said…
Every single one of your photos are AMAZING - no lie. You got talent. What a bright beautiful place. LOVE that first dress and knew immediately that adie had her hand on the other one at some point - way cute. Joey looks great in blue glasses. I'm jealous of their trip. Matt and I talk about doing things like that often.
Claire said…
You are quite the photographer! Especially the one with the purple flowers- I heard a sound when I looked at it. It's hard to describe, but it was this soft, lush sound of a light wind in the forest. I could almost feel the sun.

Speaking of sun, we are a long, long way away from wearing sundresses up here, but when the times comes I hope to be half as happy and beautiful as you.
Missa said…
What a fun little getaway!

Stinson really is the quintessential wee northern cali beach town. That photo you took of the blue flowers is SO COOL, it makes me think of a psychedelic album cover from the seventies! It almost looks like it could be a collage with the blue flowers added over the background of trees.

Angel's trumpets! That's what the flowering tree along your balcony was, I love those :)

I love falling asleep to the sound of the ocean too. Ah, this all just sounds so blissful and relaxing and FUN!
Andrea said…
Ahhh :) I feel better, don't you? The beach has a way of cleansing the soul and getting it all ready for Spring (or summer in our case). We actually just got back from a few days at the beach as well.

Love your jaunts and I must agree-- some absolutely gorgeous photos were taken! Were you able to identify that massive tree? I love old trees. It was pretty gnarley--sort of looked like a tropical olive or something?
ashley said…
Seriously, my favorite post full o' photos of that Ive seen! I love the one you took that you think is your best, but also the one of you climbing? And the photo of the mast? Dang. The best! Your little getaway looks so romantic and relaxing. Coffee on the balcony, the beach, a play...Heaven! Totally makes me miss Tulum too.
Norah said…
This post radiates so much happyness! Love all the pics. But especially the leisurely sunny beachy ones. Now I crave to see the sea too!! :)
omg. i'm so going to the beach today. i'd write more but my hands are all tied up with babies.
Ms. Habit said…
loving all these photos you snapped - especially the beach shots. That place looks like a little dream get-away. I want to go there! - northern california is a favorite weekend spot for us to visit. This post makes me want to plan for one soon!

Thanks for sharing.
NikkNaks said…
You captured your trip beautifully! I'm so jealous, it must be time for a little beach vacation!
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful weekend, and I wouldn't have been able to resist such a charming place with so much color either! ♥

My husband and I have a trip planned in a couple of weeks to stay in a yurt at the Oregon coast, and I can NOT wait! So nice to get fresh air, stretch our legs on the beach and just really really relax...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

Milla said…
California longing. Oh my gosh. I'm half-seriously thinking of hitching down to Seattle to try to get a ride with the band to the Goldenest State of them all. Sigh.

I'm so happy you and Darin had a wondrous get away with nature and cozy beach cabins and lounging and books and all the good things. C and I went mushroom hunting in the pouring rain yesterday. And now he's sick. Not quite as romantic but fun was had by all.

I love that picture of you climbing the eucalyptus. We were so in awe of those trees on our trip. They are so exotic to me, almost more so than palm trees, which as Missa can testify to, are still mighty impressive to me ;D

Hopefully the boys will have a fabulous bike trip. It sounds like fun and it's good they know they can always call for help if the pedals start to hurt. You are just the best big sis!

Thanks for this sunny post!
Teeny said…
The beach in Spring is the best. There are always unexpected's as if children are tentatively climbing back out there and making hopeful talismans in the form of forts, or castles and other collections. Your photos tell me that you had a relaxing, wonderful time. I'm hoping to book my family in for a holiday near the beach soon - before winter is well and truly here. (i lit our first fire last night). Beach houses always seem to house the past happiness of other people.
Cel said…
Those beach photos are amazing! I've never been to the beach or seen the ocean. Closest I've come is quiet fresh water lake sandy beaches. I love seeing your photos and getting a peek at places I never would otherwise.
Nicky said…
GORGEOUS shots and each dress is lovelier than the next though I have a bit of a soft spot for the one that ties at the shoulders! Looks like an amazing little get away spot!
Violet Folklore said…
Oh yes, coolest photo ever! Looks almost photoshopped, super psychedelic.

Mk, super cute about Darin stacking all the books and looking for connections, and I love the shirt you found him!!

And I love both of those gorgeous dresses, you are a total doll. So much fun! lucky girl with all your road trippin' adventures.

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