Romantic Vintage Dresses for Easter

when you were little, did you always get a new dress for easter?

it's one of the highlights of my childhood,
that and winning a goldfish at the city park for finding the most easter eggs.

well, this is my easter treat this year!

addie was lucky enough (i never seem to be) to score these vintage 1960s dresses on ebay.
ebay of all places?!!
for hella cheap, i don't even want to tell you how much. i mean little. it's embarassing.
in any case i begged her to borrow them to try on and photograph.

just for the sheer fun of it.
it's easter.
the holiday that you're supposed to get new dresses.
i can't help but love them all the more; my heart cries out to them.

look at that amazing detail!
the 60s knew how to make a damn dress.
you simply don't see shit like that anymore: pintucks and textured fabrics with fuzzy little details and ruffles around the neck line and puffed sleeves with their own little extra ruffles and lace...
i mean please.

...these dresses were so fun to model,
(they're not for sale, addie's rules, don't even think about it, i'll be lucky if i ever get to wear one out myself!)
that it put me in mind of easter dresses, like the real kind,
the kind you used to get to wear to the egg hunts and so forth.

that i donned my own new dress to go collecting flowers.
my own version of an egg hunt.

i had to take a little reprieve in the gypsy hut out back from the rain.

i was going to sell this dress, but i fell in love.
it happens.
it's a nice comfy cotton laura ashley in spring pink with violets in floral bouquets.

i plucked some gardenias, camelia, and lilacs to bring inside for easter and place them around to keep my vintage knick knacks company.
i may not celebrate traditionally, but i love everything this holiday signifies in the old world.
my spirit sings for it.

what's that you say?
you want to see the back of my cute cotton easter dress?
please, please,
let me oblige.....

it's springtime.
i'm feelin fresh.
that's what this is all about.
i bring blossoming flowers in and strew them around my kitchen, my dining room, my wine rack, my bookshelves.

Happy EASTER lovely friends.
we're thinking up grand springish activies as we speak.


Miss Claire said…
Oh my gosh, BEAUTIFUL dresses! They are too special to sell, i would be holding onto them too! I loved seeing all of your pretty easter-y animals. Happy Spring! (It is autumn here in favourite!)

Xx Claire
Teeny said…
Sweeeeeeetness in that gypsy house of yours. All of those dresses are sumptuous, but i do love that Laura Ashley Dress too. maybe you can give us a "my home" post one day, your place looks so very cosy and very cool - from the little I've seen. Spring flowers are the bees knees.
Still Blooming said…
Grand springish events! Can't wait. Those oh so sweet dresses are complete with your oh so sweet smile. Flowers and Sunshine, a springtime dream come true. XOXO
Milla said…
More Lisbon girl dresses?!!??! Or maybe that's just where my brain is at, but that pink one sure looks like Lux's prom frock might, oh my. I can't wait for more pics of you and Adie in them. And hunting for flowers instead of eggs, precious.Little heart dress, basket and blooms... I can not believe you already have gardenias around. Looks like the spirit of Beatrix Potter hasn't quite left you yet...
Milla said…
ooops too quick to publish. I just wanted to add that we don't really have easter dresses, but we certainly dressed up for labor day on 1st of may, dresses, hats, lacy white tights and black patent later shoes. Man I kinda wish they made those kind of patent leather shoes for grown-ups.

Happy Easter, my little Eostre of Dawn.
Kerry said…
aww. I love this. Every single dress , you had me swooning over! looking good Sunday bunny, looking good!
Amy Beatty said…
I don't care what Adie says!!! She is one day going to gift me that pink one or let my borrow it - what are sisters for?! You looked amazing modeling them. SPRING suits you. xoxo LOVE that pic of you and Ade - way too sweet for words. Glad you guys got Easter dresses. Matt has no memory of getting clothes for Easter so every year he seems to be a little put off when I get them for the kids. But it is a must. I tradition we will not be breaking any time soon.
Violet Folklore said…
I mean PLEASE! Those dresses are sooo sweet! You are right on about the 60s detailing- so much attention and love put into the work.
The Laura Ashley is such the perfect summer dress. I have never found one of her dresses that wasn't well made and soft as can be.
Flowers! Yay! I am lucky to have my little girl constantly picking flowers when we go out and then putting them in water as soon as we get home. It sure does brighten the house up :-)
Missa said…
"the 60s knew how to make a damn dress."

Hahaha! So true! And you sure do know how to wear one, or three! What a pure ray of sunshine you are Heather :)

I actually had grand plans to wear that adorable dress you gifted me for Easter but then it ended up being kind of chilly with scattered showers and I just got overwhelmed with too much to do and so many places to be that I went pretty casual this year.

After seeing you in all these lovely springy frocks, I'm regretting that choice even more than I already was! Don't worry though, that sweet dress will get its day in the sun :)
Claire said…
My sisters and I always got new dresses for Easter, either my Grandma made them or my Mama bought them. It's starting to look like pink is a really good color for you! I'm putting that little piece of info away in my brain for later. My daughter Maeve is the same way, pink makes her cheeks look sweet and sunkissed, too.

Happy Eostarte, my dear.
AdieSpringB said…
Now Bun... you know that you will most DEF get to wear those! But as far as sell them, NO WAY! And that perfect pink one, I WILL BE DAMNED if I cannot lose 8 more pounds and wriggle my big old Spanish arms into those tiny slits!! I would have modeled them myself if I could have..... You do look radiant in them though.

All the little easter detail, so sweet.
NikkNaks said…
Cutest easter dresses, and that floppy spring hat is soooo adorable!
anne said…
all the dresses are adorable! your sis scored!
love the laura ashley dress as well. i have two floral jumpers by laura ashley and love them.
happy easter to you!
two birds said…
they are all so beautiful...i love the first one! and you look lovely in each and every one of them! and that baby picture is absolutely adorable!!
Cel said…
I missed out on the new-dress thing as a little girl, mostly because I absolutely REFUSED to wear them. No dresses or skirts for this kid! I was such a little tomboy. Funny, considering that the only thing I wear now is skirts and dresses :) I'm glad you kept that dress, it's so pretty on you! Your home is so green and lively, I'm jealous, the trees are still barely budding here.

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