Beatrix Potter Days

i get so dreamy these days.
the nights are warmer but the skies are grey.
gentle rains come, harried occasionally by a golden sun through clouds like silver pirate ships.
my backyard is so green it aches, so growing and fresh, seeds and pollen bursting into the air.
i call them beatrix potter days.

because they remind me of muddy paths through blossoming english countrysides.
bees and birds and willows and lilacs.

ruffled skirts and romantic colors to frolic through the wispy spring greens.
aprons are the accessory du jour.

my choice of music today is a strange ethereal dreamworld.

my forays into wildcrafting so far include plucking miner's lettuce and dandelion greens for salads.
i collected handfuls of dandelions for wine and plucked their yellow petals. but the process stymies me; i'm stuck at the "wine yeast" ingredient...what is that? where to find it?

the big fat bumblebees know just what to do.
this guys seemed to be taking a nap in a sweet nest.

sowing seeds

these ladybugs know what to do too. that is, mate.
a mating pair fell to the ground; i watched them closely. i could see them stuck together. it boggled my mind.
can it be? ladybugs do it?!

dreaming my days away

If acorn cups were teacups,
what should we have to drink?
Why! honey-dew for sugar,
in a cuckoo-pint of milk;

With pats of witches' butter
and a tansey cake, I think,
Laid out upon a toad-stool
on a cloth of cob-web silk!

time to write letters, to plant seedlings, to watch birds flock in the plum tree.
time to gather eggs in apron pockets, to gather flowers, to take tea.
for hearts to break open because the sky is breaking open,
because some forgotten sun shines into corners.

 and the tulip tree blooms.

blue calico skirt: thrifted at DI $3
pink ruched tank top: (big boob illusion maker) eco thrift $3
vintage pink apron: thrifted
fake birkenstocks: thrifted .99
white sweater: was my mom's in the 70s
beaded jewelry: made myself a long time ago


Amy Beatty said…
Shut up!! Not allowed to look so darn cute and dreamy in a lush green clover yard!! Love your thoughts of muddy paths and SPRING!!! It has been rainy off and on here too - but warm, kind of :)I don't mind the rain, I haven't had to water one thing that I planted three weeks ago.
Marika said…
That first photo of you captures dreamy springy feelings perfectly! It's adorable. I can't wait for it to get warm enough here to lie about outside all afternoon. Cannot Wait!
Missa said…
This is lovely Heather, you are lovely :)

One of Clover's "characters" was Peter Rabbit's mom!

One of the highlights of our day was when a California quail showed up to stay awhile in our Willow tree. They're not at all common in the neighborhood and we've never seen one in the yard before. We tried not to disturb him, hoping that he'll come back and visit often and maybe even bring some friends :)
omg i love beatrix potter. love love love everything her stories and artwork. what a perfect way to describe this kind of day.and your skirt!!!! and apron!!!!!! NEEDS EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!! i'm awake at 4 am with a sick baby and your sweet, happy face cheered me up a lot!
Milla said…
I know! Wine yeast is exactly my problem too. Well that and being bee crazy, which takes precedent over dandelion wine, BUT I'm pretty sure that you can either order it online, or get it from a brew shop. Ask your sis. There's also something called yeast nutrient involved to and depending on what kind of yeast you use your wine will be sweeter or tarter...complicated I know. I'll email you a link to recipe that looks great.

Wine or no wine, you look lovely and dreamy, cats stalking in the grass, dandelions picked, make me feel close to you and Mt. Erie has been playing on my computer too, along with Darin's mix♡
Claire said…
This may be my very favorite outfit I've ever seen you wear. You look so sweet and gentle and fresh, all the virtues I associate with you.

My babies are nuts for Beatrix Potter, her books and the movies of them. That first picture of you, when you start bringing forth those beautiful Potteresque images started the soundtrack to the show in my head. There's gentle english countryside rain and light strings, Beatrix putting her paints away and calling her dog as she runs into her house to escape the rain.

I'm making Dandelion wine, too! I was given the wine yeast from a friend, it came from a bigger bag so I can't tell you where it came from. I haven't used it yet and I don't expect that I will for another month or so. Guess where I got the recipe? The Mother Earth News book you gave me. The jar I'm going to brew it in has a label on it on which I wrote "Dandelion Moonshine" as a little thank you to you.

Enjoy your beautiful days, their gentleness is beauty is made for you.
fatmoss said…
such a sweet thing to read. beatrix potter warms my heart on cold, rainy spring days. your lawn looks so lush !
Nicky said…
Sweet Jemima Puddle-Duck. My little sister was a big Beatrix Potter fan- it holds a warm place in my heart for sure! And you are absolutely darling in your pink top, long skirt and sweet apron! I love these shots :D
Teeny said…
You are looking so beautiful! The dreamy floaty look suits you lovely. I got lost in your sweet words Heather, this post is surely one worth remembering for days when i just want to be transported to a romantic earthy Spring. I love it that there is still time for dreaming and writing and dressing as one feels. Thanks sweets, I feel all at peace now.xx
Violet Folklore said…
I am in love with you.
Cel said…
You're adorable, plain and simple. You just radiate warmth and love and happiness, love it. I grew up reading Beatrix Potter stories. I actually call my cat "my rolly-polly pudding" sometimes, after the tale in which little Tom Kitten gets caught by the rats and nearly gets eaten haha... As for wine yeast, if people down there are as gung ho about making home made wine as here, you should be able to pick some up at a make-your-own-wine joint.

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