water dreams

the great sea was calling us,
and we followed.
...spent a couple days in the sandy little beach town of stinson beach.

we wandered through the woods to the shoreline and the bright sun,
where the sea lily and iris and poppy and bush lupine are in full bloom,
the air so fresh with salty rasp and the fragrance of blossoms, it makes your eyes water.

darin put a lens on his camera that makes photos all hazy and misty.
these are all his shots. 

i am a water sign and drawn to all bodies of water with great fervor.
i spent my earliest years near san diego and we went to the beach all the time; i remember the feeling of being buried in sand, of my skin burning as momma brushed the sand off before we could get in the car, of my hands plunging for sand crabs and their desperate tickle before i let them go to burrow back into their warm familiar sandy home. i even remember the briny taste of the ocean filling my mouth, my lungs, being pulled under by a strong current with my tiny grandma georgie, the waving, frantic feeling of futility inside those massive tides.

there are lots more pictures of our adventures but i wanted to show darin's dreamscape of thursday's sunset first.
i'm already ready to go back again; as always the water calls me and i long to hear it in my sleep.

goodnight sweet friends. across so many waters.


i love stinson! i'm a beach lover, too. i've never lived more than an hour from the ocean, and right now i am lucky enough to live just a few minutes from it. you look like a dreamy fisherman's wife, wandering by the shore waiting for her man to return for her.
AlphaBetsy said…
I have never lived near water, but my pisces soul has always pulled me toward it. This beach looks beautiful and peaceful. Spend some water time for me too. I so rarely get any.:)
Amy Beatty said…
That is where Matt asked me to marry him!! That place will always be my favorite!!! And I love how tiny it is, the word small is way too big to describe it :)
Milla said…
The ocean, is so lovely, I'm glad you got to go to her. The beauty of the West Coast to me is just that, from the foothills to the sea in less than half a day. I can't wait for you two to come frolic on our beaches.
Claire said…
Oh, I love those photos. You are such a dreamy woman, I'm not surprised to learn that you are drawn to water. I hope you soul feels all smooth from the sound and feeling of the ocean.

I lived in Calgary Canada (gorgeous mountains and air so fresh it smelled as if it had just been made) but I was so far away from the water that I kinda freaked out. At this point I think my skin needs the salt in maritime air.

Glad that you're home safe and sound,
Sailor Purrs said…
I love these photos, especially the last reflective one. My best friend lives in Ocean Beach, San Diego, and I love going to visit her. It's such a hippie-like, free-spirited place. xxoo
Missa said…
Beautiful! The words, the images, all of it! That first shot is particularly phenomenal, did Darin use a special lens filter for these?

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