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Onward to Pinnacles - Beatty Family trip 2014 - Days 5,6,7

Our last morning in our sweet little Big Sur village camp. The whole family was there and we made banana pancakes and cooked and ate and cleaned together.

Stellar jays were our constant companions in camp.
All our handsome men leaving to shuttle the cars back from Day Use area 1. 

Because Pops' car had been broken into the day before (remember?) and we were all too unsettled to leave the cars next to Hwy 1, so the ranger let us park them inside the state park about a mile away. 
The evidence:
and now, another hiccup! Joey's car won't start. :( Had something to do with it getting transferred to the other lot the day before, Pops drove it, and tried to stick his own key in the ignition, thus disrupting the little minutiae of modern computerized ignition systems....Triple A had to come; it took hours, Big Sur is a winding coastal road miles and miles away from anything. And the car would have to be towed all the way to Seaside to be fixed. 
Standing around trying to make the…