Black Cherry, or the Return of the Outfit Post

After a couple of calls from my little interwebby circle to bring back the outfit shot, I'm chiming in.

I thrifted this floaty rayon 90's skirt the other day. It's a bit ratty with a torn drawstring and pulled threads, but it's cool to the touch, has a 90's witchy look I adore, and twirls beautifully.

I wore it with a pendant my brother Mikie's girlfriend Marisa gave me for Christmas. It has little charms, including a tiny Eiffel Tower. Lucy loves this and squeals "Paris" with delight and I say, "who visits Paris?" And she triumphantly answers, "Babar!"

She also loves when I wear these red shoes. She calls them "ballerina shoes" and does a tippy toe dance to emphasize.

Most of all she loves when I twirl. I know, I'm such a nerd. I read my journal from 1995 yesterday, one of the only ones spared from my housefire in 2000. You guys, I almost wish it burned! I cringed reading melodramatic details of outfits worn and boys flirted with, and worst of all, body image struggles. But let's be honest, my outfit and my general cheesy essence is still the same. I used to be embarrassed about my cheesiness. My friend Nate once called me a "teenybopper" just to bug me. Now nothing about myself really embarrasses me, I'm like an old old lady, free as the wind. 

I called this post "black cherry" because we ate black cherry popsicles after that and we were both wearing black, a rare occasion.

More outfit posts from you ladies out there? Pretty please!


Heidi Ann said…
Love your outfit posts! And your little model, too, which made it even better. Keep 'em coming, Heather!
Andrea said…
This is lovely Heather, as are you two :) I miss the outfit post too--although I'm not blogging anymore I find IG a great platform for it. Much like the old flicker wardrobe remix (not sure if you were on there?). I will have to post one soon. Anywho- that skirt is adorbs. You always score some thrift store gems. I remember the thrift package you sent me and the most amazing finds I ever did see. I still use my "beaver" coaster everyday here at the office, and I journal in the bamboo covered notebook too.
Tera said…
And on a night like tonight when I am thinking of 19 year old me, there you are dressed like 19 year old me! Only I wore leggings with many of my witchy skirts. You are Beautiful and I love how Lucy decided to join you :) Buying some of those shoes soon. Oh yeah, it's been on a my list a few weeks.
Jenna Opsahl said…
Aww adorable outfit post! Your skirt is lovely.
I miss you and Emily and little Lucy!

Cel said…
There doesn't seem to be a thing wrong with that skirt, it looks lovely and like it'd be fun to wear. I love twirling too, it's a large factor in whether or not I purchase something heh.
Geny said…
Beautiful!!! I love your teenybopper self!

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