A brief interlude from my day-to-day trip telling.
So, let it be said that Darin is a pretty great photographer. He often takes pictures people might not normally take, offering interesting new perspectives on the same scene. But I also think he really shines at portrait type photos; here are a few of my favorites of his from our trip:

"When we arrive, sons and daughters/ we'll make our homes on the water / we'll build our walls aluminum / we'll fill our mouths with cinnamon." 

"By land, by sea, by dirigible / we'll leave our tracks untraceable now." 

these next three i feel capture Polly perfectly.

and these next three might just be my favorite pictures ever.


anne said…
those are all awesome! i especially love the ones of Polly.
Jessica said…
These are all wonderful! But that last one is pure magic!! I can just hear the giggling! It's so funny you should quote Sons and Daughters...it has been on repeat in my home all summer long! :) Love that song!
Teeny said…
The photos of Lucy with your brother and neice?....the light seems to illuminate that little girl of yours in their ring o ring o rosie. Wish I lived closer so my fams could be portraited too. x He has some mega talent that husband of yours.
Amy Beatty said…
ugh!! posted here a few days ago and its long gone! why is that one of the worst things in the world? makes me want to cry :) any way!! i adore these photos so much! darin is so gifted!! You must be worried about how much I gush about your honey!! He is def one of those fine priceless wines! I love them all but one speaks volumes to me. I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about!! That boy! he kills me daily and not in the good way :( but when i see that pic I just see him. NOt all the teasing and button pushing that can drive one mad. I see him. Even though he is not smiling in the pic, It is just priceless to me xoxo I just want to love him. And I'm feeling so sad that he is turning 12. MY years with him are a flying and the basically sweet years of childhood are over. I just want to love him. thanks so much for sharing xoxo I'm just going to go cry buckets now

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