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Summer Dreams

It was all Joey's idea, as soon as school was out for summer. And I'm so glad he had it, because later it turned out he and Scout had to miss most of the big Beatty family trip, and he was super bummed about that. Luckily by that point we had made a hundred extraordinary summer memories already.  
"How about we plan a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium?" Joey suggested in late May. He made the camping arrangements at Manresa State Beach for the third week of June. At first Darin was going to come along, but then it turned out he had to work. Luckily by this point I've become quite confident about taking the girls camping on my own, setting up our own gear and being solo road trip mom. And it quickly became a family affair as everybody else started jumping on the bandwagon: Addie, Art and Utah were ready for a getaway, and Pops is always up for anything. 

Getting around the southeast bay area, no matter how you try to skirt it, is a nightmare. Lately it seems to t…