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The Bells Were Ringing Out

December moon.

I taught up until December 14, finals night. I brought in magic cookie bars and fudge for the students; encouraged a festive atmosphere, and gave them back their graded portfolios that night, the last of my essay reading and grading for the class! I input grades the next day and the Fall 2016 semester was officially done. It was a great one. I had the best group of Advanced College Composition students anyone could ask for. We only had one drop and no one got lower than a C; our discussions were consistently incredibly lively while also maintaining a healthy dose of respect and caring for each other. Despite our varied values and backgrounds, especially politically, I'd say we developed a pretty strong bond. 
I continue working a few hours a week at The Bookery. Sometimes I go in early in the morning before the doors open and work in the kids' section. I also have been cleaning the Airbnb property that my sister manages, which pays well and is surprisingly rela…