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Tidings of Comfort and Joy

This season always passes too quickly for me, always. But never as quickly as this year. Having a three year old and an almost two year old is almost too delightful to bear during the holidays. There is a constant state of wonder and excitement surrounding us; every day we are making memories and I forget to write it all down and my journal goes untouched for days and I don't even take (for me) enough photographs because it's like a snowball cascading down a hill. Bigger and more beautiful and wild and fast, but unstoppable, a runaway, uncontained, unfaltering. Behind all the fun and festivity and utter joy, is a wrenching sadness at its passing. I've always been like that, I can remember being six and feeling a desperate need to record my memories and thoughts, the moments of our day too quickly fading.  Because I've failed to blog during most of this magical time, I will here and now present a few of our favorite December 2015 memories, for posterity ;)
Our friend S…

Holly Jolly

Polly has this new thing where she says rapidfire: "dash away dash away dash away!" and sometimes it becomes "dash away dash away all fall down!" It's pretty clear it's Christmastime around here when my girls are constantly quoting Christmas poems and songs. Lucy has a strong interest in the lyrics of the songs this year and her favorites are: Holly Jolly Christmas, Deck the Halls, Silver Bells and of course, You're a Mean One Mister Grinch.
Polly seems to like them all.  Both girls relax and Polly immediately falls asleep to "Walking on the Air" from the Snowman. 
We got our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. We would never have braved the busy Apple Hill tree farms on a weekend (traffic backed up the freeway for miles and miles), but I finished my housecleaning job in Camino at 4:30 so we knew the crowds be dissipated. We were the last ones at Indian Rock Tree Farm and it was an ice cold afternoon. The employees were gathered merrily arou…