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The Best Feeling

Sometimes Darin has band practice and it is just me home at bedtime with both girls. Although it can be trying, since each babe requires pretty much full undivided attention to get to sleep, it is also the best feeling on earth to me to get them cuddled around me at the end of a long busy day, safe and snug in our bed, and breathe and sleep together peacefully. 
Last night, oh-so-late, after Cozmic Cafe's Night-After-Thanksgiving show at which Darin played and to which I brought my two babies, risking looks of horror and disbelief, and danced the night away, it was finally time to go to sleep in bed. Polly on my left and Lucy on my right, in their fleecy footed jammies. Polly likes to have her legs propped up on my hip or legs, and was already sleeping like a tiny log, now that she's totally walking and also finally cutting a tooth she has been sleeping a little better, and Lucy snuggling up to my arm (she still calls it ba) and finally giving in the the little elves of sleep…

under the toadstool

Some Novembery tidbits:

Lucy left gifts of acorns for the tiny gnomes that live under these toadstools.

I could easily live on these Arkansas Black apples and mandarins I bought at my favorite stands down the road a bit.

A certain someone turned ten months on the 5th and is starting to walk! 
We went for a fall drive yesterday up to Camino through pretty country scenes.

and I wore a country mama outfit. 

The Perfect Day

What would a perfect day in the life of Heather be like, you might ask. Well, my 38th birthday will serve as a great example.

First of all, a rainy day would be preferred. Looks like the heavens are on my side because we wake up to misty rainy dreamy November day.

Also, most importantly, Darin is off work. He takes the girls in the morning and encourages me to sleep as late as I'd like. At 8:30 I roll out of bed and I am greeted in the living room by bright happy smiling faces and Tootie saying "Happy birthday mommy!" I get my coffee, we play and read, and Darin makes us a delicious smoothie for breakfast. I open gifts: new cds by Bonnie Prince Billy and Lucinda Williams,twobooks and an antique painting of horses running in the surf. Darin watches the girls while I shower, and also, he also cleans the catbox. So far, so good!

It might seem mundane, but children's storytime with the babes is one of my favorite activities. I generally see friends and their cute kids, …

Off with a Bang

How it goes around here: as soon as Halloween is over, we have Darin's birthday then my birthday, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, with tons of other important birthdays in between, and then Polly will turn one and I will be crying. not because i don't want her grow up, because seeing my babies grow is my greatest joy. But just because time moves too fast. No matter how i try to treasure each moment, (always have, ever since I was six years old, I felt funny about time passing, and I've been trying to write everything down ever since then.) it still flies, never more so than since I've become a mother.  The time that our babies are actual babies is extremely fleeting. I learned that quickly.
So...Darin's birthday. My husband now begins his Walt Whitman year. I think he'll find it a vibrant one and I look forward to sharing it with him and our little family.

To make the day special I basically just tried to be a really good wife. I stayed up late the night be…